‘Church has fallen over a cliff’ BBC News

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‘Church has fallen over a cliff’ BBC News
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what has happened to your basic music Church in phone over cliff and it’s Marla sorry she’s completely destroyed respect for the church trust in the church people don’t look for guidance to the church anymore the number of people who identify as Catholics is dropped by a 20% we used to have hundreds of men going into the cemeteries every year and I think this year there was something like 6 something like that but the main thing the reputation and their credibility and and their position as moral leaders I mean people can’t look to this man from our leadership when you look at the lack of morality and why so many and the church in the way they have dealt with abusive children if the pope comes here if you need survivors who are going to be allowed to put to him very what they feel the church should be doing and ask him very clearly why he’s not doing it if he comes out and makes a statement of what he is going to do not home to do is thinking of doing all these in working on his after said if he comes up and says I’m going to do this and like going this is how I’m going to do it just stop all this I think that will give people a reason to I think if it all just goes to the motions and we get the sort of apology sweetheart before we know sorry this happened sorry you were Hurst that sort of thing and I think the path is just going to go further info 2m the church losing old old belief busy
Abuse survivor Marie Collins says she wants to hear a clear plan of action on dealing with clerical sex abuse from Pope Francis during his two-day visit to the Republic of Ireland. Earlier this week, it was confirmed that he would meet some victims during his Irish visit. She was speaking to Martin Bashir, the BBC’s Religion Editor, ahead of the first papal visit to the country in 40 years.
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