Cillizza fact-checks Trump’s Mueller claims

in the meantime the president once again firing off very angry tweets about the Russia probe in the S and escalating his personal attacks against Robert Mueller the special counsel calling them out by name but there are some glaring factual errors in his let’s go to our politics reporter an editor-at-large Chris cillizza is joining us now with a fact check what do you finding out increase of 13 including Obama White House lawyer angry Democrats that’s a mouthful English teacher wouldn’t love it it’s also not true that we know about 13 at one point in their lives been registered as Democrats evolution of the party affiliation wasn’t available worth noting but this is also worth noting the deputy attorney general to run the special counsel and a republican in his private life both of these men are Republicans these this is the boss this is the second-in-command when your this problem started by a fraudulent dossier paid for by crooked Hillary and the DNC okay good false label their let’s go and tell you why okay what we know is that the Steele dossier Genesis of the FBI counterintelligence investigation what was George Papadopoulos over there in the sunglasses former foreign policy advisor to Donald Trump he met with an Australian Diplomat in Britain at which he bragged the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton that was passed along to American intelligence officials the FBI launched a probe that became the Mueller probe the witch-hunt is an illegal scan put the cap turn off. Maybe a side it’s number one it’s not illegal that’s not illegal to federal judges have ruled that that has the right to proceed against Paul manafort campaign chairman for the Trump campaign as for it being a scam this is just some of what come out of the station 105 people have already played guilty including National Security Michael Flynn and Deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates but what you jump forward here first of all the Department of Justice which by the way is the justice department you have to mention couldn’t tell you what the complex were there some talked about golf fees at a trump course that my mother was once a part of but again there’s nothing in here that speak to a conflict of interest as we would Define it so you have three tweet you have a bunch of Clemson you have the seven eight nine things that are either totally wrong exaggerations or willful misunderstandings off and not just three tweets sent in the last 24 hours on this case part of a broader effort I think by Donald Trump did cast whatever Bob mollified as be easily dismissed by him and his supporters on Robert Mueller a crystal isn’t thank you very much
CNN’s Chris Cillizza breaks down the factual errors from President Trump’s tweets concerning alleged conflicts of interest in Robert Mueller’s investigation.

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