City of Saskatoon loses over $1M to online scam

City of Saskatoon loses over $1M to online scam
City of Saskatoon loses over $1M to online scam
No arrests made yet in an online scam that dupe the City of Saskatoon out of a lot of money officials there reveal today they were fooled into sending $ 1000000 to someone who faked their identity. Ctv’S Vanessa Leon the latest City to be tricked into taxpayers money. The City of Saskatoon has been affected by a fraud scheme asking the city to change the business’s banking information, the city complied and, as a result, the next payment intended to go to that company. Approximately 1.04 million dollars was transferred to the fraudsters bank. Account police Banks and cyber-security. Expert hired by the city are now scrambling to get to the bottom of how it happened. Jeff Jorgensen says he wants to warn other organizations interested is an agencies know that this can happen. It is happening and as much as you think it can happen to you again coders what they are. Is there extremely social until it they have an extreme social intelligence and what they do is they make people believe that there’s somebody else and April Ottawa city treasurer revealed? She fell for a phishing that I should be the Target and victim of this cystic attack has affected me deeply, both passionately and personally bought the city manager asking her to send money to a company for work done. 130,000 taxpayers dollars gone Burlington Ontario was also defrauded out of more than 500,000 experts believe that will be difficult with the money like we already transferred into a different account. Taunt
The City of Saskatoon is the latest Canadian municipality to have fallen victim to cyber fraud. Vanessa Lee explains what happened.

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