Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch | Dispatch

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Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch | Dispatch
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Tennessee pollution every year about 8 million tons of this type of waste ends up in our oceans adding to the 150 million tons that’s already there and that figure could triple over the next decade if there isn’t some sort of interview which of these Marine waste is non-degradable but just how to clean it up has been the subject of debate among researchers and activist for several years as once pristine coastlines become more and more polluted in tonight’s dispatch Alameda California Cambrian Hoover takes a closer look at what’s being done to fix all of this Nero Los Angeles Pier a slow-moving stream of garbage plastic bags plastic straws plastic bottles plastic Lids they Flow by on an aquatic conveyor-belt it never stops there’s always more on the water Anglers compete with sea lions for the fish that swim it’s the trash all this plastic garbage is carried here by ocean currents and accumulates on Shore seven years ago this phenomenon gave Dutchman boyens Lawton idea and inspired an extraordinary plan to clean it all up diving in Greece and some more plastic bags and fish and some coastlines they’re very effective ways of catching plastic all that plastic across the bridge from San Francisco is the Alameda assembly yard workers have been at it since May assembling what will become the longest floating structure in the ocean floating pipe versus plant in enormous u-shaped pipe will support a mesh screen which will hang about 3 meters underwater this is actually the part that holds the plastic the long floating tube driven by currents in the wind will funnel plastic into the mesh every few months or so if that’s the would come like a Giant’s garbage truck of the ocean into the system and take the plastic back to lab where I could then be recycled they hope to put the first one together by early September Pacific Garbage Patch 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic spread over an area that’s twice the size of Texas slot says who’s device will gobble up half the garbage patch in 5 years like a giant it all goes well then we hope to have the first plastic back I’m sure before the end of the year but it’s still low beat a recent survey of 15 ocean plastic pollution experts suggest some scientists consider his ocean peanut project a quick Sonic dream and that this giant plastic removal system could become the world’s biggest piece of marine debris an external review of the project four years ago and she believes several key problems still remain the first the very concept is flawed it’s just not going to work then all the plastic that the service is just going to actually just go over it so won’t be actually chattering plastic anymore she also believe the giant structure could be dangerous for ships and animals large scale so we see a light pole here the Project’s Chief Financial Officer says the structure will have lights and radar reflectors to prevent collisions we’re not Pirates we are working together with a lot of authorities the design is made for 20 years survival at Sea as for the animals some critics worry that this might actually harm Wildlife what’s your response 10 centimeters per second so relieved to have enough time to go around it will be much safer than say about going if the first one works the flotilla of 60 devices the goal to clean up 90% of the Pacific Garbage Patch by 2040 is going to be much much worse not just because the impact will be much larger but also the smaller the pieces get the harder it is to get out so we’d much rather clean it up before that happens so far six believe this massive investment reflects our obsession with solving the world’s worst environmental problems with a technological Magic Bullet inspiring everyone to actually change their behaviors and make a difference is very far away and it’s invisible if we bring the special food plastic back into Port Aransas collecting and displaying more than one trillion pieces of plastic will be a concrete illustration of an abstract problem I dramatic reminder not to toss all that trash into our oceans in the first place Cambridge Alameda California
Cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. A Dutch inventor with The Ocean Cleanup project has created a way to clean up plastic waste. CBC’s Kim Brunhuber reports.

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