Clemson is on the rise, Alabama still has the better football program – Ryan Clark | First Take

Clemson is on the rise, Alabama still has the better football program – Ryan Clark | First Take
Clemson is on the rise, Alabama still has the better football program – Ryan Clark | First Take
Brian, who do you think in a university with a coach that is moving up and I deal with so many high school athletes. All the I might have one of my son’s best friend actually just started school at Clemson committed their great linebacker, and so they are on the come-up. They are a team that is approaching that type of iconic status. That Alabama already has whether it be his store or under Nick Saban. I just want to speak to what Dabo said about the point spread. The point spread was different because there was some blowouts that happened for Alabama early on in the season and even beat the beat Mississippi State 22 to nothing top defenses in the country and Navy beat on Tua tagovailoa when he came to LSU. They didn’t win that game 29 and nothing earlier because Grant delpit takes his legs and they had to take him out of the game so yeah when you look at the point total right and what this team had to go through. There was a difference in point total, but you can’t it’s not it’s not the one week that you played Syracuse and Trevor Lawrence hurts and it’s a close game. No, it’s the constant pounding in that I got to beat Mississippi State. I got to beat Auburn. I got to beat Georgia, I got to beat LSU, so it’s not the one week of the point total that beats an Alabama team down and the only reason, here’s a why I say Alabama is still the best university or still the best program. The only reason we point to as to why Clemson is relevant as to why Clemson is even in this conversation is because we measure against the fact that they can beat Alabama right, they’re chasing Alabama. Everything they do is to get to that point to where we can beat Alabama and they’re still the gold star for Clemson they’re, still the mark on Clemson’s board and because of that Alabama still the team to me. That’S the greatest program in eclipse, because we thought we were going to win stay put on ESPN. It was like a big deal, I mean quinnen Williams after they beat US 29 and nothing, and nobody tells me and he’s like the sweetest kid ever amen, video that wasn’t the reason I did it, and so it’s not that I’m not biased about Alabama. I am biased about the effects of playing a a schedule like that has on the team as compared to playing in the ACC, which is still up Skee-Ball conference you’re living in the past. I don’t blame you about Alabama because it was Alabama by so much. This is different, though, there’s a there’s, a college football playoff. Now you get to measure him directly and I don’t want to hear a bunch of excuses. Well, they got worn down. I don’t even like to answer the question responded to it. He shouldn’t wipe, get Petty y roll around in the dirt. With that stuff just say, we think we’re a great team and we play teams are in the winter right now. For the first time can a college football it is legit up for grabs. Cleansing is done enough work and done enough damage against Alabama, but even to get to Alabama, stop the playoff way to that spot. Who can who can who can lose a game or who? Who win the SEC to SEC teams? I don’t know which is the best Clemson Lawrence Beach, tidal Clemson just beat the brakes off, trying to make your point by omitting hoverboard right there there, but Alabama is still the number one program in the land defending national champions, defending champion of Clemson Clemson in Clemson. Espn app for live streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN +
Ryan Clark contests that the Clemson Tigers football team have proven themselves that last few years, but still says the Alabama Crimson Tide are the better program.

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