CNN reporter Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally

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CNN reporter Jim Acosta heckled at Trump rally
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with the Mueller investigation first trial now underway president Trump and his lawyers seeing to be cooking up a new defense Logan of their own the present of a load by the way of campaign rally I shortly it down in Tampa Florida let’s go there are chief White House correspondent already on the seat for us the gym what’s the latest and his team are still busy trying to get their story straight on the Russia investigation mr. lawyers who have gone from saying there was no collusion during the 2016 election to insisting that collusion is not a crime natural the camera is on his way to Florida president Trump appears to have a new strategy for the Russia investigation ignore questions from reporters while spitting up a new defense where he shielded from outside scrutiny tweeting collusion is not a crime it’s a notable leap from the president who was repeatedly claim there was no collusion with the Russians during the 2016 campaign collusion there’s been no crime I can only say this there was app clearly no collusion everybody knows it every committee is no collusion there was no collusion with Russia other than by the Democrats the president is now amplifying what is outside lower Rudy Giuliani said Monday and another Trump attorney Jay Sekulow said today just technically correct mother will come to the same conclusion Democrats aren’t buying it I can’t keep up with the Rudy giuliani’s theories of defense and they change almost by the hour you know collusion at one point it never happened at the next and if it happened it’s not serious way down by the Russia probe the president issue was popular with his veins threatening to shut down the government to make Congress pay for a border wall insisting that’s a very small price to pay and tweeting I don’t care what the political ramifications even though Republicans are leery of the shutdown with the midterm elections fast approaching heading to Congress at the president’s practice of separating children from undocumented migrants amounts to child abuse there’s no question that separation of children from parents until significant potential for traumatic psychological injury to the shop hardliners on immigration Chief of Staff John Kelly appears to be sticking around sources confirm the president has asked Kelly to remain at his post until 2020 though seeing as we’re in the chief of staff one of the story leak the Tamp down the reports that he could be on his way out in Florida with the upcoming elections on his mind throwing his support behind GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis teaching your children how to build their own wall in a show of Big League Flannery big league so good White House has held only three briefings for the press this month and eight total since the end of May there is no other way to describe what the White House is doing these days we’ll top officials including the president are hiding from the crust and won’t just to give you a sense as to what’s half you can hear there is a forest of booze and other chance of this Trump crowd here in Tampa Florida they’re saying things like see it on the socks go home and fake News Wolf obviously all of those things are false we’re staying right here where to do our job at bored on this rally to all of yours here tonight as you should I’m very close touch with you thank you
While doing a live hit at President Trump’s rally in Tampa, Florida, CNN’s Jim Acosta addresses the hecklers chanting “fake news” and “go home” behind him.

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