CNN speaks to man behind 3D printed gun

good night tonight it will be legal for you to make your own gun at home click of a mouse and without a background check this includes assault-style rifles like the AR-15 even if he president saying today that is concern it says these guns don’t make much sense here’s the issue it is his own Administration that helped open this door and now a group of Attorneys General from 8 States and Washington DC are working to stop these designs from being available on they are suing the trumpet ministration over its decision to allow a Texas non-profit to publish the downloadable blueprint in a group is called defense distributed and CNNMoney senior Tech responded Laurie Segall just interviewed the company’s founder Woody Wilson and obviously he has been fighting this for years and is 1 will have downloaded group but blueprints online we’re talkin no semi-automatic rifle AR-15 blueprints to enable people to actually have access into Market has access to this and you know he said it’s not about the second amendment that this is about the first he’s always been someone who’s taking a pretty extreme for you up free speech and looking at this and see what kind of pushing those boundaries to take a listen to what he said you have more than 20 safe trying to block you from making these directions available online so what expect to happen want to stand out in time would make it feasible for felons minors mentally ill to have access to Firearms are you worried about those repercussions negative bad things but this isn’t a justification to what stop a publisher from speaking available for folks to do this in the click of a button libraries perform background checks on people before they they read books it just doesn’t know how speech and publication works so if it’s legal to make a gun in this country Billy prevents people from being able to legally share freely access this information type of information would lead to a similar types of death to click and download and print do you think they can be trusted or do you think there should be more government oversight / / / what you’re doing was it right should you do it again I hit my answer is yes I believe that I should I believe in what I’m doing like to you and the next decade with some of the technology that you push forward the bill today saying you know gunshot only ever be the way they’ve always been we have to prevent them from becoming a lot of people would say it’s depressing to live in a world where you think about a lot of people who probably should have access to handguns being able to readily have the ability to make them from home I’ve always had the law on our side this isn’t a big deal I think the implications of this can’t be ignored I think that’s why you see so many people beginning to talk about this in a little bit about Cody Wilson I interviewed him just last September because he had a website called hatreon which is a playoff of Patron which the crowdfunding site he was giving access to feels like neo-nazis in all different types of people who have been kicked off of these platforms like Facebook and Twitter and giving them access to raise money for their speech so he’s always push the limits and you see he’s unforgiving about this this is been a battle he’s been waiting for 2013 and so the settlement you know was very very big friend will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next couple days I talk to you on the flip side attorney general last hour who is joining number of states vehement Lee opposed to everything this man just said. But again it’s midnight tonight midnight tonight Lori thank you so much for sharing mechanics of this how how how exactly is a 3D fire on mates with me now is Terry Waller as he’s a 3D printing expert it into Terry let’s push that the legality in the politics aside and just simply how it is easy is it to get in 3D renter and how much does it cost will you can buy a 3D printer now for under $300 but to build good good parts in in product with it is not so easy and in my biggest fear is that you have an explosion going on when you fire around out of a gun and then you need to drill that can contain that explosion and soul by far the most common and so that was the intent when Cody Wilson publish these plans that are the files that you can download and then build the 3D printed gun so difficult thousands of different types of these 3D printers and then you know the countless numbers of potential users all of which have different levels of skills not a good quality that would the safely fire around by the time all the different pieces that the plastic pieces of the gun you put them together but it’s still not a fully functioning how easy is it to to put those mechanisms in place to actually get it to fire a bullet will that’s the problem simply exploded and so am I and so it should in sales are 3D printers Terry Wallace thank you
CNN’s Laurie Segall speaks to Cody Wilson, who created the designs for the first 3D printed handgun, about why he feels people should have access to his design.

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