CNN team near crossfire in eastern Syria

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CNN team near crossfire in eastern Syria
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CNN team near crossfire in eastern Syria
Coalition is closing in on the last sliver of Isis held territory in Syria. The militants are digging in and a victory. Many thoughts could happen. Any day now remains elusive. The battles are raging around by who call Caney, RCN and crew wound up too close to the crossfire for comfort and had to actually pull back with. The situation became too dangerous us this exclusive report from Eastern Syria to leave our position now, because the morning began with heavy exchange of machine-gun fire, followed by loud explosions. We went up to the roof and started to take incoming rounds. Then some sort of device Landing just next to the building we were in, we have to pull out because it appears that there’s been a serious Isis counter-attack and that we’ve seen some of the SDF troop pulling back, as this goes on. Other some of the officers are urging them to go forward, but what Isis Fighters were doing we’re taking advantage of the early morning, fog, which is often their tactic, to try to make advances, and it appears indeed they have and that’s why we have to move back Home and we demand CNN reporting from the front lines in eastern Syria are presumably ousted. It will not mean that they have been beaten. Can brown eyes live at the Pentagon with more US general of Central Command Joseph hotel with same look the military pressure on Isis? Oh, that’s! That’S right! I’M right! General votel telling are CNN’s Barbara Starr that military pressure will need to continue even after it loses its last Enclave, which you saw just there in that report, where it’s desperately clinging onto a journal that Elsa he agrees. Would us intelligence estimates that thousands of Isis Fighters remain in Iraq and Syria dispersed, but with some capability left, so that remaining ISIS group will have to be contained with military pressure and Heating? Doing so is going to be a lot more difficult without US troops on the ground to help do that. But he said President Trump has ordered all US troops out of Syria and he is going to follow his orders, but he notes. Keeping pressure on Isis is going to be a lot more difficult without US forces they’re on the ground.
CNN’s Ben Wedeman traveled with a convoy of 700 Baghouz residents leaving their location after heavy crossfire and explosions can be heard and seen nearby in Eastern Syria. In exclusive video, an ISIS counter attack caused SDF troops to pull back, prompting the team to relocate. #CNN #News

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