CNN’s Phil Mudd reacts to suspect’s threat against him

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CNN’s Phil Mudd reacts to suspect’s threat against him
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CNN’s Phil Mudd reacts to suspect’s threat against him
Phil Atlee bring back my at law enforcement panel to fill it when we start with you guys, Caesar say he also threatened you and your family on Twitter. Hey did. I had to call my family and tell him this is going to break today. This man threaten me with death on Twitter. I didn’t I was not aware of that. You know we are correct in general, clappers correct, let me repeat it so we ensure that we understand what question we’re asking. The question is not whether the president knighted states is responsible for Disturbed human being, who threatens an act of murder that is not on the table. Of course, the president is not I’m an analyst, oh, so, instead of getting emotional, let me go cold. When fifty thousand hundred thousand two hundred thousand people go to rallies, when people watch you on the screen, if you threaten people, some of those individuals, maybe 1,000 to 1 %, are going to take you seriously. The question is whether the president takes risk off the table by stopping on social media. It’S not whether we hold them responsible for the acts of a deranged person. Stop threatening people, because the implications are people like me have to call their family and say. Thank God he’s in prison because otherwise, maybe he shows up at my house Josh what it what are the biggest Clues as in an investigator. You would take away with when looking at that van. So we talked about the commonality so far in the Target said. Obviously, now we have this, these disturbing messages on social media, but the band itself, but we can see from the outside I’ll, be seeing a lot of did the messaging that we see they’re. All in the picture is a lot of political paraphernalia on the side. I know the CNN sucks, you know again, it’s painting this portrait of someone whose views appear, at least in line with some of the active that we seen from the president and then others are going after Arnett we’re going after other politician. So that seems to be in line inside and if investigators actually find evidence that the bombs were either transportador assembled in that vehicle. There some question as far as whether they lived inside the vehicle. One question I had is we see this world offers officers they’re transporting it. I find it difficult to believe that they would quickly transport a vehicle that contained evidence of explode. It’S so again, there’s a lot. We don’t know that will be processed, but there’s a looming question as far as where the devices were actually assembled and then where the mailing was actually done. In the last question, Jake, which may come from an interview with the subject and make them from other evidences, are there other? This is out there and they’re being overweight. Investigators will be able to determine that, but until that final determination is made, they’re not going to give the all-clear with explosives that before they decided to transport the van that they would check the van and make sure that there’s nothing in there. That could detonate. Like those are, that’s just standard protocol you’re going to make sure that before you move anything or even before you enter a house or you’re going to make sure everything is rendered safe, that there’s nothing there. That could go off and so I’m pretty sure that they filed them that product called before they decided to transport the van and his operational capability, whether others are involved. What we had the first indication that it was speaking initially those questions aren’t about what happened. I’M guessing those questions about imminent threat. Are there other bombs out there? Are there people who participated in this with you? We heard that he lawyer, so I presume he’s not speaking anymore, but as soon as they gave it gain access to that van I’ve. Also it we had a report on a cell phone to cell phone pinging, which help them. I identify his location. I want to know every contact on that list. I want to know text messaging records. I talked to his family. I want to look at it social media posts not only to look at who you communicated with Jake butt, to see if he participated in a community of people that not only might have encouraged him, but but that might be encouraging other people. You can build and short a network of understanding around life using that digital profile really quickly. A lawyer who represented say, I told CNN, that he wasn’t surprised that the device is suspected and accused of assembling and mailing did not explode. He questioned his former clients ability to successfully devisen execute such as Steam. Obviously it’s such a scheme obviously say I initially told law enforcement that they were never intended to go off, doesn’t matter whether these devices were capable of Detonator. It doesn’t in the long run, because it’s still terrorism, a lot of people. We’Ve heard folks going to analyze this over the last 72 hours and there seem to be a narrative. Well, it he either has to be a master bomb-maker or yet to be a complete dolt. I would argue there some somewhere between is also possible. He could be someone who has a little sophistication, but perhaps doesn’t take it all the way to creating a device. It’S going to explode and kill, but the reason I say it doesn’t matter in the long run here and obviously work we’re grateful that there were no injuries or loss of life, but this is still terrorism. His goal appears to have been to instill beer to cause anxiety for political reasons, that is, Terrorism swear. They went off or not he’s still facing the potential serious charges. In the long run, Jake we’ve been digging into the suspect social media accounts, which are, as you know, filled with political ads. How many directed at those eventually allegedly targeted with these devices? I want to focus on just a couple that one of them is is a reply to President Trump President Trump criticizing the media and on August 30th. I just cannot stay strong enough. He’Ll totally dishonest much of the media is truth, doesn’t matter to them. They only have their hatred and agenda. This includes Facebook’s would come out about me all the time, always Anonymous sources and are pure fiction enemy of the people. Not to that the suspect Caesar say I can reply directly to that. Tweet from the president saying CNN, sucks holding up a bit with a posted photograph of him, holding up a sign that said soon and socks in another tweet, the suspect replied to a CNN tweet, the CNN tweet rosina’s chief White House, correspondent, Jim Acosta, in the briefing Room asking Sarah Sanders: please say that the depressed, isn’t the enemy of the American people see you at the next rally, I’m not a law enforcement official and obviously has been said by plenty of other people that the bomber is responsible for his actions was responsible for His actions, but that really does seem like somebody who really wants to have to take cues from the president, wants the president’s approval and that I assume, is something the people are considering when they’re trying to you know. We’Ve been talking about this and I’ve been with the various presidents, was former and current President Barack Obama, and when you go to these rallies and there’s there’s this sometimes tens of thousands of people and people get wrapped up. I mean this is a variable. Show position a person and when somebody like that other at level speak, sometimes people take that and they listen to it like they take it to heart, and you can see people getting up sessed with the individual and that’s worried. As you know, as an agent, we would individuals who would show up to the White House right these letters. I mean this is something very common for us and our line of work, because people almost think like yes, he’s speaking to me, he’s addressing me, and so you know. Yes, your words do matter. You do other individuals in the way you speak and it’s something that you have to be very careful with when you are on that level and then also Jake. You so don’t know how everybody’s going to receive that message. We have individuals with a lot of mental health issues. Who can hear that message and we don’t know the state of the suspect that we have. We don’t know his mental health. We do know he has a criminal record when there’s concern there, because we see this. There’S nothing really. He wasn’t very quiet about what he did you see. His van is very ostentatious with all these stickers out there, previous history, his threats about making a bomb so would be really really interesting to find out what his mental health stance is. What he’s done in the past and what the people around them interviews will be really really important, even though he may not be talking my family friends, previous co-workers. Anybody like that to get as much information on him as possible should hold elected leaders to a different standard. If you look at this as any other type of crime, you don’t just go after this. Climate selfie go after the underlining cause and if that isn’t elected officials feeling invective than that, they bear some responsibility.
CNN analyst Phil Mudd tells Jake Tapper how he felt after finding out he was a target of a Twitter threat by Cesar Sayoc, the man who was arrested in connection with suspected explosive packages sent to prominent figures.

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