Coal Miner to Trump: “Coal Mining Isn’t Coming Back”

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Coal Miner to Trump: “Coal Mining Isn’t Coming Back”
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coal mining isn’t coming back it’s time to get real about it and generation Appalachian from Virginia I spent 4 years in the coal industry the work was dangerous and came with a lot of long-term health and leather I called Mommy and then not being mistreated anymore Appalachian Mountain communities that support him lowering emission standards is not the way to do it quick to create a culture around coal mining around the hard work and patriotic Duty and sacrifice for families but they did it was a total disregard for safety we’re still having to fight for things like black lung benefits workers compensation and disability from injuries in the mine you might think of appalachia’s a very cancer play button mm the majority of Appalachian coal producing counties voted for Al Gore used to vote Democrat for labor right but economic desperation has driven us to vote otherwise for unintelligent deplorable Wheely Clean call cannot be clean we know that first-hand coal slurry impoundment are real they’re leaching into a Creeks or rivers and their likes minors don’t want to be told about climate change but at some point we have to realize that the environmental impacts of the industry are in a partisan issue they’re matter of life and death we don’t need short-term Revival’s of an industry that is always mistreated us we need long-term investments into our communities this is the only way the energy and still that has made this nation so great
A fifth-generation coal miner from Appalachia tells Trump his plan to loosen regulations on coal-fired plants not only is harmful to the environment, but also bad for the future of the region.

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