Collins: Dems aren’t legislating on the things Americans care about

Collins: Dems aren’t legislating on the things Americans care about
Collins: Dems aren’t legislating on the things Americans care about
House, Judiciary Committee Congressman good morning the case that they can investigate and legislate they can and they will. So. What is the time about the direction Democrats are going, it’ll actually happen. The reality here is his. Last week we took older, we took rules are already in place. We package them up, we made it look different weed. We wanted people to think something’s going on with the real person things that would never be able to pass that in making some of these in the 4th Alpha. Some of it actually into the Senate, what’s concerning to me, is, is what we’re not doing if they really wanted to legislate what about immigration? What about a problem instead of talking about last week in the resolution they talk about, he made the case that they are legislating. He said 250 pieces of legislation and well it’s really interesting. When you look at actual, do you want broad bipartisan support and that’s the only way you move legislation DC is when you have support when you simply put out talking points and make them into bills and give them over to the Senate, which is controlled by Republicans And Republican president knows the kind of things that don’t move only look at this from a bigger person and we can pass a lot of different bills, but then things that most people worry about the economy. Immigration satisfy base, who just really don’t like this present, does not like this present. They want to make it clear, cuz, it didn’t fit their narrative. Now it’s just throw what’s on weekend on the wall and see what sticks 0 instructions, so they say: okay and all the deals that Trump has done over his wife time. That was the president. This morning, abuse has Alice’s latest on this, as it now goes to AG filbar beginning to get the final stages will actually see it. The classification part of this now will happen. This is something that should concern every American we’ve already seen. Just just damning report has been listed for 4 minutes to call me talking about his lies and his leaks and – and I think that’s something – that’s already came out now – we’re getting ready to go to the heart of this issue, citizen who the fisa court used in This process it that should concern both Republicans and Democrats or Independents. We don’t even care about politics. You ought to be concerned about a court that can meet as this one does and actually attacked at American citizens interest really any oversight. This is something I wish my chairman would take more seriously if we were in the majority. This is something is very important going ahead, that we need actually Focus what time. What can you tell us about that actually happening? Well, I’m not sure what the appropriate time me for my chairman, because all he seems to want to schedule is, is things that are or just running your rabbit hunts that were not going nowhere. This report is probably the we actually go ahead and get this on. The on the schedule for him to not even thought about it for him to not even say, here’s were planning this or as soon as we get there before it to me, turn them in it’s almost like he doesn’t want to deal with. He doesn’t want to deal with the fact that there was a concerted attack on this President by a high-ranking members of Department of Justice and FBI and we’re beginning to see that start to unravel. And he doesn’t want to admit it for 2 years and didn’t want to talk about it while we were investigating and now for the last eight months have chased rabbits after this present because they had the chance to. I didn’t call by lawmakers to see email to top Executives at some of our largest technology companies, including lawmakers, are requesting we’re having an honest look. That is what is these big tech companies in the in the size and how they compete in the marketplace and doe are antitrust, laws still apply or they need to be adjusted. I actually just because they’re big doesn’t mean they’re bad, doesn’t because they’re, they’re, big and because they had great ideas, doesn’t mean that we need to tear them apart, dealing with with the their competitors in the marketplace with a dollars and other things.
Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Rep. Doug Collins accuses Democrats of putting impeachment over legislating. #FoxNews

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