Collins: Rosenstein’s joke is a ‘sign of poor judgment’

Collins: Rosenstein’s joke is a ‘sign of poor judgment’
Put spring on Georgia, Congressman Doug Collins vice-chair the Republican conference in a member of the House Judiciary Committee right on time. With this topic great, to see you today to talk a little bit. It was a joke. Why would that matter? If you’re talking about wearing a wire to record the president and invoking the 25th Amendment to get him out of the White House, just sarcasm, just joking matter is in a position which he is every word is is scrutinized and especially the environment like we’ve had in Which we have found the problems inside the doj to be a partisan and and very much against him. What we feel is real, the American people, no, that was wrong joke, and I think this is why that this needs to be considered a move forward, because he shouldn’t be doing things like that that joke or no joke. I would imagine that there would be some questions as he meets before the committee about the context of the conversation like. Why would that is sarcasm or a joke even be funny like what was the, I think that’s important is always important, but I also have to go back to this. What I said a few minutes ago, why would you say it may be important that you were if it was a big joke, but when you have something is important where the present United States, I’m going to look to say that I will help them both the 25Th Amendment you’re actually looking at tearing down the very fabric of the big leader, our free world. That is not something even in context. It should be allowed the president. That is something that should be off limits, email or putting contacts you might want to say. I was joking, but that was it is really a distinct sign of poor judgment and when you take that, along with everything else, was struck with or with everything else, and we seen going on with McCabe, this makes this even more identifiable problem. I believe this is the first step, not the last step and will continue to see what happens curious to know how much more information was. This was this a plan was this. I would imagine you’ll ask those questions. The other thing is that I want to understand. Is a staff member? If you will have the president, so he can fire him, he can reply if it’s peos off. If there were going to be a corporate to to get him out of the position, I would imagine that person would fire anyone who joke like this or say this at all actually talked about this. They were on the plane together. The president, this is someone that you have rightfully said the president can fire at any moment that he wants it. He works for the president. I think we also have to respect the president. He stated all along that this Russian issue in the investigation that it was nothing to them. He is always stated that he’ll continue to say that I think within Congress. We need to do our oversight responsibility to make sure that we’re looking at the issues that we have any contacts and out of context before the committee was virtually at the top very political and very corrupt, supporting the president, as he is kept him home right now. Well, we have continued to begin this process already. I last time I think we have talked before and I made it clear. Peter struck, especially, should have never been apart of the investigation, while he was out of clearance or out of scope on his background investigation. He could have cleared that he didn’t went ahead and was part of it and they at the internal dynamics of the.. Allow this to happen. We have seen conversations we’ve seen text and which jokes were being made about our political system. When you have that kind of a Being late at the top levels of AJ and in the FBI, there is something about the American people that look at that it’s wrong. They won’t just if it is blind; they want just to make sure that they had to go before I’m going to make sure that what happened and not what the American people on it. That’S why these things are important and that’s why we have seen so much that we’re going to happen, and now it is from the great state of Georgia, Congressman Collins, the vice-chair of the Republican conference. Thank you.
Deputy attorney general Rosenstein to testify under oath before key House committees. Republican congressman from Georgia speaks out.

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