Congo: A land of riches – BBC News

Congo: A land of riches – BBC News
The Congos mineral wealth, freak of nature, gold, diamonds and uranium, copper and Cobalt, a key ingredient in new technology and 60 % of the world’s Supply is found here can see the green color. This is the basic. What goes into your electric car battery, something in Catching Fire this, the last couple of years District, Transformer country, but despite having trillions of dollars worth of minerals, that country is still pull, we have a lot of resources and it is our resources has been. There have been there, I want Melody, but at the same moment, if we can really manage them very well, we can make it is it. Corruption, hopefully, challenge among which we have to deal with. Corruption is high in the agenda for long-delayed elections. President Joseph some opposition leaders have been barred from standing, a strong voice of opposition is coming from. The pews of the Catholic church is peaceful protest violence, but many critics have been forced underground, so we secretly met these young activists. Change with child is 6 months for leading illegal protest. Is it actually elastic? You take rocks deposited a bone condition. History is being cruel. The Democratic Republic of the Congo, but it’s River could power Africa. Its minerals could lift the nation from poverty and its young people could transform it into the glitter Beating Heart of Africa. Rod on a country held back by corruption, violence in its Colonial past, the next heading to danger in the Ebola Zone we’ll go straight to the forest to meet endangered gorillas.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo could be one of the richest countries in Africa because of its mineral wealth, but yet it’s one of the poorest. Corruption and exploitation has cost the country billions. With the elections there’s hope the country’s new leaders can improve the lives of millions of people.

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DR Congo has vast resources – from the pristine rainforests to the valuable ores that lie beneath the soil.

It has gold, diamonds, uranium, rare-earth metals, copper and cobalt – an essential ingredient in electric car batteries.

The south-eastern province of Katanga is the centre of the country’s mining industry with vast areas of open-cast pits and 60% of the world’s cobalt reserves. To Find out more:

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