Congo A River Journey – BBC News

Congo A River Journey – BBC News
Thousands of kilometers come with interactive Expedition up the river and Into the Heart of Africa. There a few places on the planet hear it approaches the hydroelectric power station built here could provide electricity for the whole of Africa. It would produce could be. The result is for put to good use for Century the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and it’s been ravaged by War. The DRC is size of Western Europe following the River from the Atlantic Ocean to its furthest reaches passing through its chaotic Capital City. You can choose where you’d like to go. Explore its history, life on the river visit, the water on east, meets Red gorillas and find out just how rich this country could be the Rapids block away just a hundred kilometers from the sea. So we need to get random. This is a difficult place to get to Kinshasa. What country’s capital is one of Africa’s biggest and fastest growing cities of the population 25 and after long delayed elections change is coming. Joseph Cabela’s been president since 2001, but he’s standing down something you and vibrant could be emerging now choose where you’d like to go next, something with the pygmies at for young outre, former presidents, ruined jungle Palace in Beverly. Take
The Congo is one of the world’s great rivers.
Start an interactive expedition upstream through the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the BBC’s Africa Correspondent Alastair Leithead to discover the history, riches and challenges of a country the size of Western Europe. Decide which way you’d like to go.

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