Congo A river Journey: behind the Scene – BBC News

Congo A river Journey: behind the Scene – BBC News
Is Peter Frampton Trace at the Congo River for the team 6 weeks? He came with us all the way more about him like that, it was fall back to being on the water than in the water. We didn’t expect to end up in the river. It’S sitting not the easiest place to get the Run. Searching for gorillas was perhaps the hardest fit. Torrential rain started 3 hours in before we lost most of the cameras and the cameraman it really was worth it. The whole TV documentary be to checkout on BBC World News on the iPlayer in the UK. That’S not the one, that’s the soda back. We have to go to the dragon by hand because we had a 360 degree camera attached. It meant we could capture the beauty of the country for video, put oil soap in virtual reality when Malik comes into it. The round camera with six lenses and cameraman Virtual Field have created an amazing VR experience, which you can see in a headset it’ll blow. You away especially the shop to the Gorillaz check out how to watch it at virtual reality, overheated so taking to the Rapids wasn’t in the plan, but it’s the only way to see how the Meganium fisherman would close up again. It’S a great virtual reality experience and it almost came the cost of Mall of the camera. What is the market and then that there is a river, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the huge and amazingly diverse country, and see the various animals of some kind of things. You could smell the market quite some kind of snake this guy here he was just a living on a boat, eBay, 55 minutes, a couple of places on your YouTube Journey up the Congo River. You can head back there to see them that and we leaving made an amazing audio experience on the river to we hope you enjoy the ride.
See how our team filmed their adventure for video and Virtual Reality.

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