Congo: President Mobutu’s Hometown Gbadolite – BBC News

Congo: President Mobutu’s Hometown Gbadolite – BBC News
In a remote corner of the DLC is better than a strangely hunting place. This was the home of the man who rule the Congo more than 30. Is President Mobutu sese Seko very, very beautiful. Tell him the man reaches when we go in your left or the world. They were one Picasso’s painting, pendants mbutu, oversaw the killing of the Congo’s. First prime minister, Patrice lumumba. He transformed himself into a classic African dictator political opponents and Rivals what killed or tortured he got well. The country got pull he’s being alleged to be a terrible president brutal. He never bites one of chinanu never eating here began and when time stopped in the town of barley, take this International Airport was built in the middle of a jungle. It was a vanity project, VIP Reception Area. This huge terminal Concorde landed here, bringing luxury goodbye Pink. Champagne but then present the Bluetooth today, it’s just to show the money just dried-up this distant, I’m on the edge of the country, owed its privileged position to one man and he gone a while ago. What town is hydroelectric power station broke? It takes 3 months for generator fuel to come upriver from Kinshasa. The lights are off in battle, so when next to go, hunting with pygmies at Brianna, Village or head up River doesn’t Extreme Fishing and kissing gani
Visit the overgrown jungle home of former President Mobutu Sese Seko who ruled the country he re-named Zaire for 32 years.

His daughter Fyfy shows us round. She remembers a Picasso painting that used to hang on the wall.

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In 1965, Mobutu assumed the presidency after a bloodless coup and became a textbook dictator, dividing and persecuting his rivals – and through nepotism and corruption he enriched himself at the expense of the country, which he renamed Zaire.

In his remote home town of Gbadolite, he built a lavish palace and an airport to fly in luxuries like pink champagne. The runway was long enough to land Concorde – which he chartered.

But when he was ousted in 1997, time stopped in the remote town. The jungle has now reclaimed his palace. To Find out more:

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