Congo: The pygmies of Boyanga – BBC News

Congo: The pygmies of Boyanga – BBC News
We’Re heading deep into the forest for our next door. For me, spa Adventure Time Just 4 hours for the nearest town takes you back in time. People living off the forest, the pygmies Village. Before my good luck ritual every time, they go hunting looking for wildlife, they flock animal holes and use smok 2/4. The make the Belgian King Leopold II, who owned the car it was his personal colony, found something in the forest with huge amount of money rubber. This white sap from the wild rubber Vines could be made into tires. The pygmies were made to collect it. Bronco kobachi to Millennium Park bullet Journal men’s cuts off up to 10 million people died under the regime of King Leopold. The brutality inspired the first International Human Rights Campaign, the Belgian state only for the exploitation and brutality to continue. It was the Belgian Congo. Until 1960, pygmy Community still live a very traditional way of life. For the forest of being cleared for farming animals ass cast. I may still feel like that treated as second-class Citizens. Next to the former president, ruin the jungle Palace and bubbly, say: River stream, fishing in kisangani,
Go hunting in the forest with pygmies who still live a very traditional way of life.

Their elders remember the brutal colonial time under the Belgian King Leopold II.

His men would force them to collect rubber from wild forest vines – and amputate limbs if they didn’t collect enough.

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