Congo: the River – BBC News

Congo: the River – BBC News
So we got to do is go to bed to the middle of the Congo River through the Rapids on a boat that’s made out of what’s the river the highway in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are few big road and it comes to the size of Western Europe with the fishermen. We use the white wolves at the help get the catch. These huge wicker baskets used to trap fish age. They learn how to use the deadly current check the net to kill that roach survive the record. It’S very traditional, but tough way to make a living on the river equator twice and flows the thousands of kilometers. But you better watch where you going. It takes this long table together for about 2 weeks and he pushed hundreds of kilometers against the current going back with the flow legal aid in Port. Today’S by dispute over unpaid Juicy’s on some of the cargo bureaucracy and the corruption that comes with it is applied across the DLC. As long as you got money everything’s fine. This is not you man’s a big fan of traveling by barge just like a big family. He says that the retired Soldier he’s in a rush buy food for the kids on the boat she’s heading for new stuff, with a Bible by a side during the bells in colonial times. This really was a highway among the traffic with luxury steamboats. The Remains now thrusting along the banks. In many ways the Congo has gone back in time now choose where you’d like to go next into Danger, Don’t Drink militia in the Ebola zone or to the mines to see how luxury cars can make the Congo rich
The episode takes you onto the Congo River to explore how people live, work and travel for thousands of kilometres.

Take a plunge into the rapids to experience how the Wagenia fisherman use the white water to help them catch big fish.

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The country’s only superhighway is the Congo River and even its vast network of tributaries is not used as much as it once was, or as it could be.

The river is navigable from the capital Kinshasa 1,600km (990 miles) upstream to Kisangani, and it’s the main route for transporting people and goods across the country. To Find out more:

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