Congo: UN peacekeepers patrol – BBC News

Congo: UN peacekeepers patrol – BBC News
Give them control with us, with the United Nations Forces here strong militant group CARE skilled, probably dozens of civilians wearing penny in the Eastern Congo. The area was affected by War over more than two decades. The combination of I think it is turned it into one of the worst ever outbreaks, weird because it’s around in only with anybody civilians. How can the enemy grows? All of this and delete that killing people? The un’s trying to prevent attacks I’m take on the militants, but they also need to protect themselves. It’S a tough balance. Can you go to a country for 20 years.? He lies and you don’t stop succeed in doing something we are able to manage. I believe that the UN is making the difference here, because big state is not present in many areas of this car. So if we left the situation, food worsen very quickly, the situation is the instability is forcing people to flee and allowing Ebola to spread out of control when local conflicts escalate, millions of people can be affected. This is kehlani with two years ago around over sharing a bowl of forest caterpillars about violent clashes between pygmies and other ethnic groups. It displaced three-quarters of a million people, terrible things were done by both sides. Mini 14 million people need some form of Aid in the DLC just to get by, but with so many young people wanting change as hope conflict can be still for. The country’s vast resources could be used to improve people’s lives for the next part of your adventure. You can go to the mines to see the country’s vast mineral wealth or head straight the forest to meet endangered gorillas.
Eastern Congo has been the most badly-affected by war, and scores of militia groups still terrorise civilians.

At the moment Beni is the epicentre of the world’s second worst ever Ebola outbreak, and it’s happening in the middle of a war zone.

Go out on patrol with UN peacekeepers and see the camps where people are forced to live for safety

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