Conservatives raised nearly twice as much money as Liberals, breaking party records

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Conservatives raised nearly twice as much money as Liberals, breaking party records
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next federal election is still more than a year away but you think that it was an election year looking at some of the federal parties fundraising numbers here to sort through the amount of cash the party they’re bringing in Paul’s Adela Sarah Grenier alright Eric is so how are the party accounts looking right now so these are the numbers from April to June so the second quarter of the year so we look at those numbers with the Liberals I didn’t raise a just over 3 million dollars now that’s better than quarter to from last year he got to compare quarter-to-quarter but it is worse than they were in 2016 but the bigger problem for the Liberals as where the conservatives are if you look at their number they have raised almost twice as much as the Liberals have in the second quarter of the Year this is actually their best second-quarter at ever outside of an election year so that’s why it does almost feel like an election year when you are looking at those numbers and the gap between the levels in the conservatives at 2.9 Million Dollar that’s the biggest it’s been since before the last election they have a smaller number only $872,000 that is better than quarter to the 2nd quarter 2017 but they’ve dropped $500,000 first quarter of this year when you look at where they were in 2017 in the first and second quarters it was only a drop of $83,000 so the quarter-to-quarter numbers at when you’re looking at the year to year not too bad for them that new Democrats but that big drop from last quarter might be an issue for them for the block they raised just $42,000 that is their worst second-quarter since 2012 they are as struggling and the greens they have raised at $573,000 that’s better than the second quarter from last year and better from the last quarter of the previous quarter just this year so a little bit of an uptick for the great numbers to dig into new polling numbers on the party standing so what who is where there’s any link between the donation levels we just saw it because it conserves traditionally have raised more money than the Liberals though as they haven’t been head of the conservative and liberals in the polls for most of the time since they won the election but if we look over the numbers are right now delivers do have a leader remember oppose it came out I just recently just understood 7% of conservatives are at about 35% do Democrats at 19 degrees at 6 and the block at 3 now these are the polling averages from the poll tracker we seen that the Liberals and conservatives have traded the lead back and forth relief for the last 4 months but we have seen the liver pick up a couple points a threat that in the month of June and July and so what we’re seeing is generally what we seen before there was ahead and BC Ontario Kerbeck Atlantic Canada conservatives in the Prairies and with those numbers that liberals would be knocking on the door of a majority government because of how well they’re doing apart from that it’s still pretty close between two parties I want to ask you quickly about the folding of marketing research and intelligence Association it’s an organization to establish standards for pulling companies in Canada why did it fail and should be replaced add very broccoli in a lot of posters I spoke today we’re just really surprised about this they did not know that this organization which is an industry organization it’s a voluntary one but is really the main one candidate that it just can’t they just all the sudden I just ran out of money but political standpoint what’s interesting about this is about the standard systems in terms of reporting and conducting political post a lot of illegal body that that is regulating doing that criticism lot of posters had was that it wasn’t in forcing those standards very strictly and if you didn’t want to be a member of the MRI you didn’t want to follow the standard there’s nothing really that could stop you so we do know that since this announcement came out just this morning seven major pollsters they already gotten together and they said they’re looking to start their own organization at to maybe set the standards and make sure that there is something in place going forward so it’ll be something keep an eye on and of course that’ll be a big story in the next election lots of poles and that you know the standard in terms of how they’re being done how to being reported always contentious in a lots of poles means Eric Renee
The Conservative Party of Canada took in $6,045,466 from 40,908 individual contributions in the second quarter of 2018, according to Elections Canada, beating out the Liberals nearly 2 to 1.

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