Conspiracy theories are influencing votes | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Conspiracy theories are influencing votes | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Conspiracy theories are influencing votes | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Enemies, it feels like we’re all being asked to pick a side and also – and that’s about immigration. We talk with breakfast and we see it with Donald Trump and now that same debate is getting a lot louder here. But here’s the thing what is being driven by misinformation by fake news, but also by a web of conspiracy theories that are changing the way voters see the world as we saw with brexit and Trump. You don’t need much to ship the boat. It’S become such a. When are politics that this week elections, Canada announced it will deploy misinformation teams to monitor social media during this Fall’s election. A few minutes I’m going to talk to Christopher Wiley forever. Remember him! Cambridge analytica is the canary in the coal mine. We must address the digital, Echo chambers that are being exploited, two algorithmically segregate American society, the Canadian data analyst, the brexit referendum president. How did they do this ingredient was finding people who hitting them with more lies, but how does that affect Canadian politics about Sharia law rules on praying how crime should be punished if you punch into real on YouTube lots of conspiracy theories pop, like officially accept Sharia Law or no go zones are coming to the and Sharia law prevails. So what’s the truth here, one Province Ontario has authorized the use of sharia law in some civil cases like divorce. It works like similar Tribunal. Sharia law does not exist in Canadian Criminal Courts at all, but now that I know better, I’m very scared who we let in has a great majority of Islam, Islamic people and they’re voting for their loss to come into our country right now, they’re trying to be You’Re trying to be quiet about what they’re doing and they’re very sneaky on it Banette. When the Liberals pass an anti-inflammatory emotion. Two years ago, some spana destrudo opening the door to Sharia. He was confronted about it at a recent Town Hall. These two cultures will not mix which two cultures of those two and Christianity open least stated the immigration it gets even more intense and some underground chat rooms. There was an investigation by the globe and mail recently uncovered over a hundred and fifty thousand messages from players showing members who, along with deny the Holocaust, also push Sharia law. Conspiracy theories area is already officially government-approved. Another says: build a wall frequently argue Canada, genocide or another conservative politicians encouraging them to get stricter on immigration, and where does he stand on this? One Trudeau needs to crack down. This is about having the Integrity of our border security, not just for the sake of having a secure border, but to make sure that we can have an immigration system that prioritizes those who come to Canada. Wait wait to be really clear here. It is not the political parties spreading these conspiracy theories, looking to sway opinion or sometimes just make money. Add the pressure on politicians build and some are more responsive than others rule of law Bashar. You a lot the integration one be very well in our society. You’Ve been inside this machine, you helped create it. Can you give me more of an exact idea of how this actually works in a group that wants to micro-target people to move them slightly? Companies that Cambridge analytica and what the alt-right have been doing is trying to seek out people who are more prone to believing in conspiracy theories, and so those people have a very particular kind of profile and those people are usually targeted initially with, but as soon as They join a group or a forum or start going down a website. They got engaged and – and you know, overtime, drawn down a rabbit hole of conspiratorial thinking. This is something that you’ll Cambridge analytica, Steve Bannon. The alt-right and even Russia realize that that you know a flat or democracy is people out and engaged in a really tight race. You can win that race, and so that’s that’s currently was being exploited. You can any issue that you want. You can find people that probably would engage with it. Immigration is one that often is used because it has to do with how we see ourselves, how we see inside and how is the others, and so in. In that case, in a race and ethnicity and the notion of other nurses, that is a very intimate, intimate thing that plays into how people see themselves in their identity, and then that way you can get people really emotionally captive, buy it by messaging. So we do have an election coming in the fall, if, if you were a political party or a political force right now, what would you be doing? How would you be trying to use data too? Using data for targeting in elections is not new, and something that I should make really clear is that there are legitimate uses of of data and targeting in in elections. You know with growing disengagement, particular monster young people and the growing threat of noise of the internet’s. In immediate environment that we have, political parties really do have to up their game, to make sure that you know when they communicate Call of Duty communicate. A message is relevant to voters that they want to speak to, and that’s that’s pretty fundamental to the notion of democracy that politicians speak about things that people care about, but there is a line and that line gets crossed. When you know you moved from talking about relevant issues in a foreign country to invasion-of-privacy manipulation and and and deception, I don’t think that any of the mainstream political parties in Canada oops – you intend, on your defeating or manipulating voters by think there are three factors that Play in Canada like most other Western Nations right now, and so I think the real threats are not necessarily from mainstream local parties, but actually from you know the the growing right and also from hostile foreign States like Russia. I think Canada in particular, is at risk for both hostile for interfering in the upcoming election, but you know also from the growing ethno-nationalism in outright that we seen the United States is starting to Bubble Up into Canada also what political parties are allowed to do so There are restrictions on what political parties can do. Mainstream political parties are doing in Canada is the problem. I think it’s actually. You know a lot of these organizations that aren’t, you know officially regulated they aren’t. You know that political parties, alt right groups and all Russia, Russia, doesn’t care what it legal or not legal or what you know. The Canadian government guidelines are for social media because it is seeking to undermine you know the cohesiveness of Western democracy around the world. I was fix it by first. You know, starting to actually create rules that you know the technology sector will start paying attention to. You know in late May legislators from parliamentary committees all around the world coming to Auto. Actually I’m to actually start talking about. How can there be a common International framework of rules to take on big Tech and that’s actually being hosted at the Canadian Parliament, Canada playing not in the Attic some privacy committee, and I think that’s a good for step actually taking a step back and going one Of the reasons why these big tech companies can get around the Roses, because there is no common framework of rules and The Intern International and that we probably will need some kind of international coordination and cooperation between country, particularly small and midsize country, to actually collectively exert Pressure and and economic and legislative Force can spectacular Silicon Valley. Last time we saw you, you had blazing pink hair. What color is is that I think I’m going to call it highlighter, yellow and kind of glow-in-the-dark, sometimes now kind of looks a bit yellow wonderful to talk to you. Thank you so much for talking to me thanks for having me
Conspiracy theories about hot-button issues like immigration are influencing the way people vote in elections, and Canada is in the crosshairs. The Weekly’s Wendy Mesley tracked down Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie, who worked with Steve Bannon to use social media to target voters ahead of the 2016 U.S. election and the Brexit vote. Wendy investigates just how a small group of radicalized people can sway elections in a tight race.

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