Controversial Trump Aide John Bolton Exits WH Knocking Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Controversial Trump Aide John Bolton Exits WH Knocking Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Controversial Trump Aide John Bolton Exits WH Knocking Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
Chaotic day at the White House is President Trump announce his third National Security advisor John Bolton with a tweet the move clearly a surprise to some White House staff who appeared at a White House event. Today, foreign policy figure widely known for his views. Donald Trump’s word: he apparently suddenly discovered on the job. What Bolton thinks former Fox analyst use we’re not clear when he was hired. You know who doesn’t take the president’s word. John Bolton himself, who flatly accused Trump of Lying by offering a different account saying he was offering to leave last night and then Trump said quote according to Bolden. Let’S talk about it tomorrow and then telling NBC I offered to resign last night. He never asked for directly or indirectly I slept on it and resign this morning. Whatever one thinks of John Bolton’s ideology, there wouldn’t seem to be a ton of incentive for him to pick a random fight with his old boss, based on a lie and his allies of Fox News. Real quick to report Bolton’s version of events to Trump’s base and I’m both just texted me he’s watching. He said, let’s be clear, I resigned and I said, do you mind if I say that while you were talking – and he wrote yes so jumbled and just told me, he texted me to said I resigned if the fox put their gives you any sense of deja Vu last time, Donald Trump fired National Security adviser removing HR McMaster last spring and 45 minutes later Fox News contributor. This evening, sir, your reaction to your new job. Well, I think I still have a Fox News contributor, because I didn’t really expect an announcement this this afternoon. You might say that the bones 10-year kind of ended the way it began, surprised and disorganization and, of course, a live feed of all the drama. On Fox news, but I want to be clear with you tonight as well: this isn’t just about drama. This is about National Security, I’ll see in the Trump ERA, with Bolton the hawk arguing she had to be the voice of reason, opposing Trump’s Longshot plan to bring Taliban leaders to Camp David around 9:11. What could go wrong to official say that that objection, which, by the way was by people in both parties to Donald Trump’s idea, was for him quote the last straw when it leaked phone reportedly opposing Trump in a high-stakes meeting about that in the Situation Room? Let’S praise for Donald Trump. Well, it’s clear Bolton was reportedly willing to stand up for what he saw as bad or dangerous foreign policy ideas. He had that type of backbone, whether you agree with his alternative ideas, maybe something he has in common with his predecessor, because Trump is now actually had three National Security advisor the third one announcing he was out in the Tweet before that, of course, Bolton before him. There was HR, McMaster Trump, so much. He was regularly doing quote impressions of him and his absence. But tonight there are actually new reports that when things got sour with Bolton, Trump started, calling on McMaster asking for his advice and saying he even missed his prior National Security advisor go back a little further before McMaster. Of course, you have Trump’s first and breakfast after the career advisor Michael Flynn, who was fired like the other two and who actually happens to be back in court today receiving a new sentencing date after he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI play one of the Very first in a long line of trump staffers who are out the door record-breaking turnover, he may not be the last, but on his way out, John Bolton is doing something, as I mentioned different than some other people in and outside Administration. He work for call Chop. He tried to serve at LeMay, agree with him about certain stuff, but he is tonight essentially calling Donald Trump, the president, a liar and he’s promising to say more soon telling the Washington Post Robert costs a quote. I will have my say in due course, but I have give do the facts on the resignation destroy democracy good evening everyone. I start with you. What does it tell you that mr. Bolton, who I think I know from your diplomacy, is not someone you agree with on everything is deciding to call it as he sees it, and then accuses is, what’s your line for doing that, I would say, and while I Don’T agree with John Bolton about everything. I absolutely certainly agree that it was an absolutely crazy. The Camp David. These are people who are killing. Americans have killed thousands of Americans who harbored Osama Bin Laden. They don’t allow music. Why don’t want to fall into the Trap of lionizing John Bolton just because he’s now conflicting with his terrible presidents right I mean, I think that every single person is country is safer tonight. Now that John Bolton’s is no longer they’re pushing for war with Iraq, pushing for war with North Korea the day he became National Security and security advisor. I was genuinely terrified for into the future of this country for the safety of my family. It is a relief, but he had no business ever having that job in the first place. That said, I would agree that he has shown more Integrity than some of the other people in this Administration, in that he has only talked about this before right. It’S likely to go on to get along because they get truly outraged and truly disillusioned when they see their ideals being contradicted. So he has, you know he has. The courage is very terrible. Convictions did you say goes to this being a story about ideas. Donald Trump’s ideas are, among other things, that times phantasmagorical when it comes to saying you know what 11 days with a high-level Camp David Summit for the Taliban, I mean you can’t. Even I don’t even know where the idea comes from other than sheer pageantry, but do your appointment, shell reading from the NBC reporting on this there were these reports. It was not your fault, but vice president Pence that were against the Camp David plan meeting with Taliban leaders, the last straw and Monday Pence tweeting. This toys were fake, but again to your point about credibility. Fulton did not knock down those stories stories about Pence. To begin with him – and I think that Donald Trump and John Bolton agree with disregarding all of all of our alliances acting unilaterally where they disagree, is that Donald Trump been wants to make these for our enemies right. So John Bolton’s, although he’s perfectly willing to go along with Trump, no ripping up the you kind of disregarding any notion of human rights in American foreign policy. So great irony here is that in American foreign policy, Missy is now going to be in the present friendship between the United States and North Korea. I mean sorry much more better if I was Michael Bolton to the president of the United States, the number one Warhawk for North Korea suddenly being Chained and kept on a little perch. If you can imagine that image image sweeter, he was known as a rock by bringing him onto his team. He could use him as essentially by thinking that he was going to unleash. You know this moustachioed Warhawk, neither of those things, so he loves, as you say, re the pageantry of the president of the United States, doing amazing things like having this. You know Jimmy Carter moment where he was going to bring. You know so. And then begging to Camp David and he’s going to do all people week of 911, not and the fact that he has no ability to understand. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t care what the American people would think, and so John Bolton by showing the slightest honor Amongst Thieves, finds out that there is no honor among Thieves, carefully coalescing something that had been laid in the actual groundwork of diplomacy of Treaty of soft Power hours, this feels a little bit more like Desperately Seeking a theme party anniversary date. Let’S get the right declaration. This is not a joke that you mentioned as well as Malcolm you said, must musty-ass showed how do you pronounce? It must mustachioed mustache. I take it. You know, he’s always been is Yosemite Sam and that would actually be very accurate. The present himself was concerned about the mustache, Steve, Bannon and other at times disgruntled ex-aid leaking about this or speaking about it to reporters saying he was pushing Bolton. The hawkish Diplomat for the job, but initially quote Bolton’s mustache, is a problem. You know Bolton is an acquired taste. I mean how much of this is a sort of a story in reverse the Donald Trump’s initial concerns about Bolton related to quote on quote casting an appearance. I think right now I will be fascinating to see who he’s going to bring onboard. You know he’s probably going to go out and try to find the most disgraced General that he could find at this point. Probably General fired from their job, then say: okay, I’ve got a general, that’s more like me in this position, but the real problem here is Bolton resigned and he made it very clear to Fox News. He resigned will not come to the American people and tell us this President is unfit, and maybe this is part of that National Security and in-class of classified information problem we keep having with President Trump. Maybe he does want a national security advisor because Erin got us. National Security seems to be his full-time job. When you look at what is now a clip of averaging about a national security advisor a year, which is a little faster than normal, plus the highest turnover record, compared to the last four presidents running when we counted out and how does that relate to the wider Property Administration has, when you look at the stories out of when you look at the security on North Korea, and the Taliban are both bandied about is all maybe we will. Maybe we won’t. That larger issue is that we don’t have a national security strategy. It’S about ideas, the problem with replacing Bolton Adam saying this for a long time is that when someone leaves in the Trump Administration, they’re never replaced by a better actor, the Golden Age of the Trump Administration will be exactly when it started. I will go down because who actually wants to serve in the administration of an unfit president. That’S what you have so so Fulton wind out what people actually think about foreign policy. He may be replaced by someone who is not while in little ways you have gestured at light people, so I just observed that final quickly, Integrity than some of the other disgraced figures in the Trump Administration is the faintest phrase imaginable dang there. It is somewhat faint to use a Grateful Dead reference that a very organized drums and space sequence is still a drums and space sequence. Anyone Donald Trump General Jack, Ripper bright, the guy who believes in conspiracy theorist and will go along with whatever Donald Trump says. Chris too much about the future National Security, America, but you thank you. Thank you, subscribed YouTube channel below. You could have been anywhere in the world that you’re here with us, and we appreciate that
President Trump has fired controversial National Security Advisor John Bolton on Twitter, after they ‘strongly disagreed.’ Sparking more controversary, Bolton offered a different recount, saying he previously ‘offered to resign.’ Former Obama official Richard Stengel argues ‘the problem with replacing Bolton’ is ‘when someone leaves the Trump administration, they’re never replaced by a better actor.’
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Controversial Trump Aide John Bolton Exits WH Knocking Trump | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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