Controversy over Trump’s visits to grieving Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas I Nightline

Controversy over Trump’s visits to grieving Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas I Nightline
Controversy over Trump’s visits to grieving Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas I Nightline
What were you doing as they were running down the street from Dayton overnight Saturday? It said hundreds of people running but ganger, a bouncer at Ned Peppers bar was one of the few who stood still. This surveillance footage shows the gunman chasing people towards Ned peppers. Did you look at him and more Ginger had push as many people as he could go into the bar or ready Stand My Ground best? I could. The next thing I know he’s being shot by Officer Still Remains in his leg. That’S incredible! You weren’t hurt more standing right there, because people were telling us the the shell casings were flying. That’S what I felt it’s been four days, leaving at least 31 dead and 53 injured the country reeling from its 17th shooter incident this year. The commander-in-chief today playing the role of consoler-in-chief criss-crossing the country visiting Dayton and El Paso to City’s now forever linked by a weekend of grief and horror. 20 2 people died in El Paso, where the president was this afternoon, thanking about to other law enforcement Personnel waiting to greet him at an Emergency Operations Center. It’S the only time he address the media all day, mostly remaining out of the public eye and away from the Press. Let’S see if we can get something out of you, while visiting University Medical Center for riot police were on the ready to respond to angry protesters. Earlier in the day. Esther’s lined the street Miami Valley Hospital. Releasing this image of the president and first lady’s visit greeting staff. Their President Trump spoke briefly to reporters this morning suggest and he might be able to help unite leaders when it comes to background checks. Important for people with Rage or hate Joe Kennedy, Joe Biden, slamming Trump during a campaign rally in Iowa because his mental health, it’s a Dodge hatred, a mental health issue, the former Vice President, also taking on what he called the president toxic tongue of white supremacy, Grumpy Cat Run in El Paso Authority say the alleged shooter Patrick Perseus was motivated by racism and anti-immigrant hatred 20 minutes before the Walmart Massacre. He laid out his plans and a hate-filled rant 8chan decrying, what he referenced as a Hispanic invasion of Texas on Monday Trump address. The nation condemning the actions of the shooter racism, big and white supremacy, these Synyster ideologies must be defeated. Hate has no place in America having contributed to violence, including at some of his rallies in Panama City Beach, Florida president jokes, about migrants crossing the border. But how do you stop these people? You can that’s only if you can get away with that said this president criminals in large part responsible for what is taking place earlier today, President Trump dismissed his critics, the rise of any group of hate – I don’t like it. I’M physician to the president was apparent in both cities. Today, it’s been a full night and day of preparation for John, the healing her son, who organized today’s El Paso rally. We can show the nation that I’ll Paso is a strong, beautiful, welcoming helpful, loving community that were angry or hurt mixed with anger and hurt written on their site. Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke took the stage speaking to the people of his former congressional district. We move in a country that is not safe that refuses to pass laws, gun violence in the United States. We live in a country where we have a president who demonizes communities like this one here in El Paso Saturday morning, at 22, people were killed and dozens more were injured. After a gunman opened, fire is Walmart striking down people as he walked into the store people. Hiding fleeing for their lives, Sylvia sausage – I was having breakfast with her mother inside the store. Then, suddenly she says people stay running. That’S when I heard the gunshots. I mean very clear and very close to me. They Sylvia recording this video self everybody demon with the gun. She is trying to regain a sense of normalcy to be so hard for us to get over at live action now bring flashbacks glamazon, look at them in more detail as to what we have to do. Mother, Audrey, Gonzalez and her mother again are returning to the Walmart in hopes of retrieving her car. Just thinking of that we’re going back to Walmart again, they were shopping together in the Walmart. When the shooting began. I saw his expression. He was like you didn’t care. What he was doing, he was just shooting and shooting as a military, wife Audrey. It says that instinct kicked in and she tried to save those around her. You want to do everything that you, but then you realize you can’t save everybody back in the parking lot. The memories of that day start flooding back going back here was just bringing us flashbacks she’ll have to wait a little longer to get her car. The city of El Paso looks towards the future determined to not let tragedy Define them. My hometown, my my El Paso, my Raza, My chuco Town, we’re going to we’re going to be strong and we’re going to we’re going to get through this for Nightline. I need a pilgrim is YouTube channel. If you’d like to get more videos, show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
The president visited the two cities recovering from mass shootings that claimed the lives of at least 31 people. Residents and lawmakers had their own takes on whether the visits were appropriate.



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