Conway on Kavanaugh critics: vast left-wing conspiracy

President Trump firing back at Democrats over the latest accusations against judge Cavanaugh saying they’re playing a game the Supreme Court nominee vowed to fight the allegations against him ahead of a hearing this Thursday the president just a few minutes ago horrible what the Democrats have done quality person resist and obstruct from the United Nations General Assembly also after White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the president is open to having Kavanaugh’s now second accuser testify here’s Democrat Kirsten gillibrand I’ve heard from both sides and I believe dr. blasi for and I believe Miss Ramirez both of their stories are credible unlike his I would he would actually answer the question or say why he wouldn’t be interviewed by the FBI that’s not the response to someone who wants to plead his innocence you have women were telling me stories Saddam and violent behavior of sexual assault of of behavior that is disqualifying let’s bring it now counselor to the president kellyanne Conway Kelly and thanks for join this is a huge news making day ahead of what’s Happening asset to unroll on Thursday I want to start with if we can the president’s defense of Judge Cavanaugh today even though he said he was open to hearing a second accuser well that may be a little premature only because the Senate Judiciary Committee decides on who will testify on Thursday and I think we need to defer to them as I understand it the committee is taking the testimony of dr. for the end of Judge Cavanaugh but it’s within an hour of that article going online the other night I really silly sourced widely criticized by peers in the media article in the New Yorker about the second issue the committee members some of the Saphris did reach out to Miss Ramirez and asked if she would like to add anything so they will take statements they will take on anything that she would like to offer and that’s how the process works play process being being mean by the 10th District committee Harris because that’s not forget this is not a legal proceeding is that a criminal proceeding is that a civil proceeding it is still the Senate confirmation hearings Supreme Court judge Cavanaugh to this will be part of that Thursday is about the two of them has made very clear and couldn’t you’re calling Martha MacCallum last night in a wide-ranging interview with his wife Ashley by his side that he’s been willing to testify since he found out the name pictures are actually he was willing to testify when she was still anonymous because he is confident in saying as he has many times and only he can say this that he was at no such party that he has never treated anyone like this including the secure user just a quick follow the president calling this a con game by democrats and I do mean quickly I just want to get your final thoughts on this because I want to get to Rod Rosenstein power to reveal it after 30 hours of sworn testimony where they fail to lay a glove on bright Kavanagh because he has academic credentials and impeccable integrity and character and qualifications Beyond reproach many they were raising money for the 20/20 instead of asking the judge questions about legal precedent because they’re not going to support him Hollywood folks and others on the left-wing incahoots calling each other definitely coaching each other on this there’s no question if you look at a dealership that’s the other thing we potentially could see on Thursday with the president meeting with his Deputy attorney-general press secretary Sarah Sanders says that if Rod Rosenstein exits however he asks it that that could begin the end of the Robert Mueller in navigation what is the White House saying about that now you see the president made the point yesterday that on Thursday he will meet with his Deputy attorney-general yesterday the deputy attorney general in the server’s inside met with the chief of staff General Kelly at the White House they also participated the cabinet level meeting on other issues I think the media maybe not you but some of the media are always surprised to learn that people come to the White House meeting you have to make those decisions I guess on Thursday and speak on Thursday for the media getting your information from Twitter from leaky faulty leaky sources of people who could not have known possibly what was going on when where the other he’s on the job today was on the job yesterday in the president wants to meet him in person on Thursday let me say this the Department of Justice as run by the way Administration with some of those holdovers was rotten to the core at the tippy-top of the FBI especially when it came from China put their thumb on the scales to get Hillary Clinton elected Comey McCabe my I see a pattern here perhaps you had Jim Comey fired from the FBI had taken notes got a book deal with some of those notes and media you have indicated now got fired in the number to the FBI got fired had started leaking notes I to the media on the program I think it’s so important ahead of Thursday to see what might happen
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s opponents are ‘in cahoots. . . coaching each other,’ says Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump.

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