Conway on Manafort trial, possible Iran meeting, immigration

kellyanne Conway senior cancelled the president live in the White House and welcome back Kelly and good morning to you I guess watching this trial that begins today in quite a while and I would note for your audience bill that the judge has very strictly instructed no mention of Paul manafort role in the Trump campaign don’t mention Trump to mention Russia dementia collusion this trial obviously centers on matters that have nothing to do with the campaign I think that even mr. manafort as I read it had requested that there be no mention of his brief tenure at the Trump campaign several years ago and I believe there’s one witness that made the other maybe one matter of somebody whom he had gotten a loan from in exchange for a job on the campaign that’s just what I read obviously I was the campaign manager for the winning part of the campaign I assure you I will not be brought up on I don’t criminal charges of any type and I certainly wasn’t making money in Ukraine or talking to anyone in Moscow that’s very clear this has nothing to do with collusion Russia and nothing to do with the Trump cancelled president what would he get out of that the president has made very clear he’s open to conversation and negotiation he’s done that with Jeremy Kim he’s done that with mr. Putin and he is also said if it’s not a big deal and our interest in our workers in our security Hill walk away anytime he’s always open to negotiation conversation demonstrable to change its Behavior including to its own people is Moline Behavior to its own people would have to stop if it’s willing to do better economically for its own people then perhaps it’s for this present would be open to conversation this is a better approach that wouldn’t you agree build and forking over gazillions of dollars to Iranian regime for some nuclear deal that this president has all that has taken our country out of because he said from the beginning on the campaign Trail and a winning way with a bad deal overseen by the last administration of which is political tone it was a member confirmation that they’re still testing missiles in North Korea what is that suggest about the success or not that came out of Singapore Kelly-Ann of sustained war and conflict in Korea and we’re ahead of the game in this way we have those three detainees home in American soil several months now because of this president’s leadership and intervention and later this week. president United States actually tomorrow will be in Hawaii to receive the remains of our fallen I’m from Korea at from the Korean War and this is so significant to those families really to an entire nation who owes these soldiers he’s fallen soldiers who have separated from their families for seven decades of gratitude for which we will never fully repay again that is this present leadership his intervention Bill his insistence that that this happened but we’ll see what happens as a president says this is an ongoing process things don’t change overnight but it was President Obama who told president-elect Trump that his quote greatest challenge is going to be North Korean president Trump said to President Obama Obama what did you ever meet with Sharon Kim no never did that so at least he’s trying to approach it in a very different way Secretary of State Pompeo continues to be our main point person on these negotiations in the kitchen I do Congress members of the West Coast of Florida as well and in really tight elections Barack Obama lost 63 seats and his first midterm of 2010 on the southern border how does that help the case a government shutdown for a midterm election that that you know is going to be very closely watch killing in is consternation I didn’t frustration at this point as to why Congress won’t do its job in past meaningful immigration reform this present could not be more clear for the last 3 plus years now bill on what he thinks about a broken immigration system he repeated it again yesterday making people into the interior of this country any chain migration excuse me going to a merit-based system ultimately immigration and of course having that wall having border security running to apologize immigration Customs Enforcement which keeps us all safe which is on the front lines of stopping child smuggling and drug trafficking and other nefarious activity season of fentanyl just last year every man woman and child in this country and yet the Democrats want to shut down I will be no loss of 63c to try to do a government takeover regulation bring peace and prosperity to this country the Perkins Rudolph the reason we offer relation Perkins is going to benefit about 11 million high school students across this country who won to go towards Vocational Technical education like many of my fellow students at the high school I went South Jersey did they graduated from high school and graduate that Technical vocational certificate and the very next day or month they supported themselves in this families as mechanics as Carpenters as hairdressers we need to get folks ready for the economy of today and tomorrow we have three points with 6.6 million available jobs looking for workers and now instead of workers and employers looking past each other looking for each other onto the trunk economy because very exciting later tonight in Tampa here’s one of the tweets from earlier today pretty active on Twitter so far here’s one of the one of the reasons we need great border security I write this at Mexico’s murder rate in 2017 increase by 27% of 31000 174 people killed a wreck he writes the Democrats want open borders I want maximum border security respect for rice and a great law enforcement fessional give a holding Congressman Republicans I think it’s better than 50% and I know what the historical Trends are but this is our president who defies Trends and makes his own he defies history and make his own history can the vice president will be very active on the campaign Trail you mentioned today again on Thursday will be in Pennsylvania the vice president was in Ohio yesterday I saw the President says he will be very active and we know he’s not afraid of several stops today on the campaign Trail all the Wild’s first priorities being present United States but remember those historical Trends a Clinton losing 54 seats and the Republicans taking over 94 Obama losing 63 seats and losing again to four years later because of Obamacare mostly and because he didn’t have a massive tax cuts and he didn’t deregulate and he didn’t try to broker negotiation denuclearization around the world like this present is this president if he’s not going he’s not telling these these places were congressional districts and toss up so we’ll see how that goes I appreciate your time thank you and I will be coming by
Senior counselor to President Trump reacts to the former campaign manager’s fraud trial, the president’s offer to meet with Iran’s Rouhani, the border funding fight and more on ‘America’s Newsroom.’

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