Coping with our daughter’s new face – BBC News

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Coping with our daughter’s new face – BBC News
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Coping with our daughter’s new face – BBC News
Or how I’m gone he’s always been a deep so – and she was a very aggressive soccer player – take awhile for her to warm up to people, but once she did they were they were best buddies. It’S probably very difficult for you to think about him to talk about Busch bring me back to when you were 18. What was life like call grow up when I got to Roberts house, she was sitting in a big fluffy chair with her legs over it and she was texting and I went over to – and I said how you doing and she just kind of shrugged her shoulders. Like a teenager sometimes will – and I didn’t feel an alarm – I just felt like my girl – had gotten hurt Hong Kong now but then I walked in and I looked in the chair and she wasn’t in the chair didn’t get alarm. Then I walk to the kitchen. Look but on his back patio little porch, no, I saw the bathroom door shut, Twisted the door and Katie okay and she didn’t answer. My son picked me up and takes me through the living room outside in the yard and just stands me there and says: mom. We got my gun and I don’t know she’s hurt, think she’ll, never bathe herself, so never Converse will be a vegetable so just being a skilled facility for the rest of her life. As I said, I’m not ready to let go my daughter, I just not, and I I mean you don’t in that moment you think you’re going to have the Great courage and stamina feeble as as a feather in the wind. Your heart is in your throat, but yet out of the depths of your of your gut, your soul, your heart, no we’re not going to let it go cumquat wrong. I think I was trying to look for old church wrist 6. If I could see anything from the pre-accident KB of the pre-injury, I don’t think I did. It was very surreal. Remember thinking where is Katie you know, is it same time so grateful that she’s a liar, I’m so grateful that she didn’t have to walk around the rest of her life without a face, but it was hard. I grieved her old face a lot. I have to be honest: did you still think about her long for the things that you wanted when you were 18 like to meet someone and fall in love, and I can see you smiling now Car-Mart? How long course is not the story I would have written for her, but I feel like there’s a reason if she’s here there’s a lot to learn, there’s a lot and this whole story with Katie, but I don’t think her life is over.
Katie and her parents describe what it has been like adjusting to life since she underwent a face transplant last year.
Colm Flynn interviewed the family in Cleveland, where the 22-year-old is recovering.
Edited by Angélica M Casas

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