Corbyn: Johnson over-estimates himself – BBC News

Corbyn: Johnson over-estimates himself – BBC News
Corbyn: Johnson over-estimates himself – BBC News
Copy of his statement, no-one underestimates this country, but the country is it. The new prime minister overestimates himself in years of austerity children, the hottest that you sent us have closed the school funding, cut College budget slashed and, with the help of the liberal Democrat Jewish Enphase have travelled, opportunity and freedom have been taken away. Austerity was always choice eyes to the leader of the opposition. You’Re wasting your vocal cords on the bubble. It won’t work. The right honourable gentleman will be heard and these exchanges will take as long they will take whatever other appointments people might have. The right honorable gentleman will be heard. Stop it spectacularly failed to deliver. People do not trust his prime minister to make the right choices for the majority of people in this country. When he’s also promising tax giveaways, the richest in Big Business, his own show, can he now indicate Baja Fresh local authorities and police, so they can start planning now. We must also address the Deep Regional inequalities in this country. The northern Powerhouse has been massively on the palette. The Midlands engine has not been filled, so will he match latest commitment to a 500 billion investment fund to rebalance this country to Regional development, National transformation fund? He has thrown together a hot right cabinet. A couple of questions: I’ve just a couple of questions on those appointments appointment is the Home Secretary, the first time Secretary for a generation to support the death penalty. Can the prime minister a show the house now that his government has no plans to try and bring back capital punishment to this country education, section and education secretary? Was the Prime Minister give him sight of the investigation? I’M deeply alarm to see no plan for brexit. He was in the cabinet that, except the backstop voted for it on the 13th of March this year. It would be welcome to find so objectionable having voted for it less than 4 months ago. Explain this flip-flopping of you and reputation how to prime minister Richard red lines and an artificial timetable. There is something eerily familiar about: a prime minister marching off to Europe with the monster scrap the backstop. How does the Prime Minister think he will succeed where his predecessor failed to finally guarantee the rights of European Union citizens? Great shame, but this offers only be made no more than 3 years after this party that proposal fit for this house. My friends, neighbors family, should never have been: does bargaining chips, causing Untold stress and worry to people that have worked so hard for this community, this country and the communities that we may come? If the Prime Minister continues to pursue a reckless No Deal, does he accept that he would be directly floating the expressed will of this Parliament? Industry, business and unions have been absolutely clear about the three that it poses. No deal means no steal. No car industry, food prices dramatically rise, Rising huge job losses, manufacturing industry says No Deal would be the height of economic lunacy companies from China because of no tail is the prime minister still Guided by is f … Business policy, Hulu zyrus the wealthy Elite that funds Him and his party will not lose that jokes confidence in his plan. Once he’s decided what it is, he should go back to the people. With that plan. Labor will oppose any tails that fails to protect. We will oppose any tail that fails to protect his rights or Environmental Protection. To put that decision affects the people we walked in those circumstances campaign to remain play office, prime minister, requires integrity and honesty, so so will he correct his a subject. Willie also acknowledge that the 39 billion is now 33 billion over 30 years and has been legally committed to be paid by his predecessor. This is a phony threat about a fake pot of money made by the Prime Minister. We also faced a climate emergency, urgent actions, necessary Willie ban fracking. What are you back real Ingenuity like the Swansea Bay, tidal Lagoon, what increase investment in carbon capture and Storage Willie back on solar industry and onshore winds so devastated over the last nine years? Will he said a credible plan to reach NetZero the unwelcome his commitment to Nigel farage? Could Britain Trump take this opportunity that all NHS is not going to be part of any tray filled with President Trump and the USA Health Service going to be sold to American Healthcare Company? The new prime minister would effectively make us a vassal states of Trump’s America. I’M not going to use that Gary Ratcliff and is he working with European Partners to restore the Iran nuclear deal and deescalate tensions in the Gulf. The challenge duendes steriti, tackling equality result brexit and tackle the climate emergency. What will Define the new prime minister? Instead? We have a hard right cabinet staking everything on tax cuts for the few and a reckless price race-to-the-bottom brexit. He says he has pluck and ambition. Our country does not lead arm waving, fluster, but competence seriousness for once on the interest of the many one. Important point is worth making any any free trade deal on the table. 71 years of drawers existence. It is the NHS has benefited from conservative. Go to see the country struggled to see the country he described in his description of the United Kingdom, Crystal McDonald, breakfast delinquent, calm yourself and take some prime minister pictures of inflation for the first time the living wage with expanded the incomes of those who received by Full-Size + 500 times since 2010, gentleman of his country’s security by pharmacist swipe in Livingston, raise taxes on inheritance average size of a house yourself. He will put up taxes on income 2:50 p.m. about various 84 speaker. He speaks about trusting our democracy, like the final scene of Invasion of the Body, Snatchers standing you’re, a skeptic, we’re going to be friends when he is being charged has performed in his career. Please clearly on the side of the people who voted overwhelmingly the mandated by the way, this time and time and time again, delivery and reality now is that we are the party of the people we are. The party of the party’s other Fury will take this country
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn says “no one underestimates this country”, but it is “deeply worried that the new prime minister over-estimates himself”.

He says the country has been “held back” by nine years of austerity, and opportunity and freedom have been “taken away”.

Cuts to government spending, he says, were a “political choice”, not an “economic necessity”.

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