Corbyn says PM’s new Brexit deal will NOT get Labour support

Corbyn says PM’s new Brexit deal will NOT get Labour support
Corbyn says PM’s new Brexit deal will NOT get Labour support
The Constable this bill, because it’s basically a rehash of what was discussed before and it doesn’t make any fundamental moves on Mark’s alignment for the Customs Union, orientate protection of rights with tickling relations, consumer rights on the quality of the food we will eat in the future. This all supposed to question all the deliverability all think the Prime Minister has already indicated she’s going to leave office, many of her own MPS of already said they count supposed to be like see how it can get through Parliament anyway.
Theresa May made an emotional plea for MPs to get on board with her ‘bold’ package, saying they had ‘one last chance’ to get the UK’s departure from the EU over the line before the chance ‘slips away’. ‘I’ve tried everything I possibly can to get this through,’ she said. ‘I’ve offered to give up the job I love.’ In a speech in Westminster, Mrs May held out the prospect of a temporary customs union until the next general election, as well as a vote on a referendum in a bid to break the deadlock. But MailOnline understands she was forced to water down her offer after a Cabinet revolt over the idea of giving MPs a free vote on a referendum – something that would have made it much more likely to pass. Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom and Transport Secretary Chris Grayling apparently threatened to quit during a fraught two-hour session in Downing Street this morning. And the package laid out by Mrs May in a speech this evening only managed to infuriate both sides, with Brexiteers branding it a ‘direct insult’ and a ‘dog’s breakfast’, while Remainers said it did not go far enough.

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