Corey Lewandoski: Media Doesn’t Give Trump Credit For His Accomplishments | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

Corey Lewandoski: Media Doesn’t Give Trump Credit For His Accomplishments | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC
Now Corey Lewandowski, familiar name former campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in a senior advisor with the Great America committee, Trump’s enemies. On the campaign trail of a weekend, we saw the president a lot. Why is he saying so many things that are not true? I would say sometime around the 1st of November, maybe a little before then you’re not found it there he’s talking about, even though hanging fruit will the tax bill just for a second. I know that he’s been working chairman Brady the Ways and Means Committee for a period of weeks. Now it has has the treasury Department to look at what they calling tax cuts. 2.0. The framework has been outlined that bill is not going to pass before the election, because the house is not going to come back into session, but that’s not to say they haven’t started the framework on that, so that whether the Republicans hold or don’t hold the house Opportunities following the midterm elections to vote and potentially a second portion that taxed and that’s just one example course somebody’s other things that the president has said that are simply not backed up by the fact. Why is he doing that? Does he think voters don’t care or don’t know he has the opportunity to go out and give his message in the end, the meeting has the opportunity to correct that message. But what he’s trying to do is talk about this early on in the first 21 months of his administration, and I don’t think he gets enough. Credit for the tax today had been historic and of unleash the economy to where they are today and we’ve now seen because of those tax cuts. More people working Americans than ever have been working. Our nation’s history, Caravan of migrants is in Mexico. Tweeting again he’s unfounded claims is Jeff laid laid out. So you say that it’s up to the media to correct things, but why is it such a misinformation campaign from him all the 7,000 people were told. We’Re told that this is just completely a Grassroots effort and people are taking their lunch pails and walking. Was he cool 2000 miles from where they going into the US border? That doesn’t happen that way and go back to the country and what does present plays on The Campaign Trail and now has to implement, as the present is securing our borders against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, don’t illegally cross into the USA. The president is making about, for example, middle middle eastern or so let me go back to that question just one more time here he keep saying things that aren’t true individuals who are probably paying somebody to join you. But the real question is pens in the media. They either more people working, say the Hispanic unemployment, African-American employment, the lowest it’s ever been in recorded history, and I think that’s fair and I think what his gripe is. Is the media tends to focus on some of the things that he says. That may not be actually complete all, but they don’t give him the credit for all the great things that have been done just picked up. I do think that it is a responsibility to know if he’s wrong, which is over this weekend, familiar with these conversations distancing himself from the potential Republican, something on Election Day, he’s telling confidants that he doesn’t see the midterms as a referendum on himself Colin says these Are there elections if they screwed up? It’S not my fault. So how can he have it both ways? They can credit for a win, but not for a while. No, I don’t there any responsibility, but his policies are on the on the ballot this November. He knows that he’s out campaigning tenaciously on behalf of Kenneth. He knows that the midterm elections are at some point of reflection on his policies and what the Republican stand for. What’S at stake, I believe you’re going to see Senators increasing the Republican majorities in 15 days, and I think the house is going to shrink them with yours, but there is a very clear path right now, I’m like 2 weeks ago, with Republicans, maintain, don’t get me Wrong, but there is a path because the present on the campaign Trail – and he has the opportunity to keep the Republicans in the majority, something that historical person said can’t take place pics of ownership of that wasn’t. This has to do that, but you also have to put that against historical President. Barack Obama live 63c since first midterm Bush actually gain scene, but that was largely because of the 9-11 tragedy. The country was very much United. Can you go to what Bill Clinton lost in a 52 or 54 states and his historical precedent? Is there that the ruling party in the midterm election loses seats and I think the Republicans will lose? The question is going to be greater than the 23 seat, or is it going to be and if you look different by District right now in the place where Donald Trump is turning voters out, there is a true path forward for their pumpkin. I know he’s got a new book out and I respect him about what I what I have seen being first in next to the prison, is he listens to what people tell him and then they repeat those back since those people give him the wrong information. Sometimes it’s the responsibilities of Staff. Thank you for subscribing and highlights you can get more videos MSNBC with our newsletters head over to News letters to sign up
Corey Lewandoski, who was campaign manager for part of President Trump’s presidential run, claimed the media doesn’t give Trump credit for his accomplishments and focuses on his lies too much.
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Corey Lewandoski: Media Doesn’t Give Trump Credit For His Accomplishments | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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