Cory Booker’s campaign manager talks upcoming debate

Cory Booker’s campaign manager talks upcoming debate
Cory Booker’s campaign manager talks upcoming debate
More than a dozen Democratic presidential candidates at the DNC summer meeting in San Francisco Friday, New Jersey, senator Cory, Booker said he had one message trumpet. The question is how we don’t be Donald Trump, all about Donald Trump. That’S what he wants repeat: Donald Trump fighting him on his terms on his Turf., By matching his tactics or getting down with him in the gutter by dividing and demeaning and degrading. That’S not how we win. We don’t win by triangulating or positions based on what wholesale we don’t win by modulating on message and we definitely don’t win by Running Scared. Give me a reporter. Caitlin huey-burns spoke with Cory Booker his campaign manager addisu demissie earlier about next, for his bid. Senator Booker has made the next debate stage, first hurdle, but it’s he doing anything differently this time around to prepare, since it seems that the field is narrowing, we’re going to be on the stage with will find out on Thursday, whether they’re going to be two stages Or one, but Corey is going to do the same thing that he did in June in June and July, which is put his best foot forward and put his message for her to bring people together and healing this country after Donald Trump, no matter who, on the Stage with, I think, that’s why we won the debate in June and July and I think we’re going to have a good performance come September, 12th or 13th subtle swipe of the former. Vice President, Joe Biden was that the goal and play from now until the convention next year is that we need to show the best of who we are not the worst. We need to also talk about what we’re for and not just what we’re against, and he says it all the time, and I think it really is one of the foundational pieces of our campaign. Beating Donald Trump here has two floor. Not the ceiling Democrats have higher aspirations than that and to do that, we need a nominee who can speak to every piece of the party every element and contingency of our party and that’s how ultimately were going to win by motivating the base by turning out swing. Voters, and by bring people in the process who haven’t already been there, that’s what Cory’s been doing his entire career and what he’ll do. If he’s the nominee look, he’ll never hesitate to speak truth to power and body issues about which he’s very passionate like Criminal Justice Reform. Something he’s been leading on literally since he was in college and writing. Columns in the newspaper about police misconduct you’ll be happy. To. contrast with his his opponent’s, But ultimately Democrats are going to have to choose. This is a debate. This is a competition between how many 21 now candidates that we have in the race to see who’s going to be the best person to take on Donald Trump and bring forward. The Democratic message think we’re that requires contrast. That’S what we’ll do but Cory Booker is. Is focused really on putting his positive message board about unifying the country and healing us after the darkness that Donald Trump has brought over the last three-plus years, full of the DNC for their debate. Rules using those rules have been fair and how much money that you’re spending or what are the resources required to get those Grassroots donations to Caniff, get yourself up in the polls to me the debate, the rules of the rules we were going to play by them. Just like everybody else, I think ultimately, I’m happy that Corey is is one of the 10 candidates who’s qualified for the debate – and I think you know what’s most important here – is that we have a process that everybody knows what the rules are. They know. Early rules are that we can play by them, so we certainly did and does affect our strategy. Getting on the debate stage is an important winnowing has an important effect on the field, and it certainly has in this race, and we think it will go into September and October. But it’s just one step in the process and we’re going to take the rolls out. Their dividend and play buy them and ultimately, I think, I’m allergic to Aureus come next July. In Milwaukee, Victory looks like it’s towards the bottom of the pack walkthrough. What’S realistic at this point, we could be in 5th 4th 6th out of 20 plus candidate. I think that’s a pretty strong position to be in ultimately we’re building this campaign to win in February March and April of next year, not to win a poll in August of 2019. That’S what we’ve been doing since the day we got in the race back in February, and that means building an organization, particularly in the early for States, pink light in the winter this year and next year and do well. I think in those early four states with Will catapult us into success in March and Beyond and you’re, seeing the momentum now here in in August we picked up endorsements. We have the most indoor, how many state legislators candidate among states, state legislators in Iowa. We have the first state legislators to endorse a New Hampshire in South Carolina. We just picked up a whole bunch of endorsement from across the country Michigan to Georgia to so we’re on the rise here. I think and that’s the point we want to. We want to Peak when people really start paying attention to this race and that’s in the winter and spring of next year, and that’s what everything that I’m doing is playing at the words signs this week about going to some concern about the state of the economy. Is the campaign fearing a recession? The President says the Democrats are kind of cheering against the economy is saying something like that he’s trying to score political points, where it’s totally unnecessary and uncalled for what we’re rooting for is for the working and middle-class people of this country got to do better and They’Re not doing better under this president was giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Among Us, Spencer. The people who needed the most in so he’s going to keep doing is talking about his economic message, which is about empowering people who needed that includes giving tax cuts to people who are working-class and middle-class. A hundred. Fifty million people would get a tax cut under his plan, the rides it also raising the minimum wage and and in doing other things that, ultimately, I think I’m going to help people who are struggling under the Trump economy do better under a Booker economy. When I was with him in Iowa, he was very focused on the issue of gun safety and his policy. He put out a comprehensive proposal earlier this year to make this a driving issue for voters, keep it at the Forefront. I mean we’ve seen this issue can come to the fore and then fade a bit, but is it going to be really a driving issue for voters this time around everyday? A hundred people everyday died from gun violence in this country, whether it be by their own hand or by homicide, and it’s unacceptable. And so what Cory said in Iowa couple weeks ago is something that he’s held to over the course of the last few weeks. And I promise you he will hold to over the for the rest of this campaign, which is he’s not going to let the death of of our fellow human beings with another media cycle he’s going to keep talking about it. We just had Round Table about his gun safety plans in Los Angeles. He talked about it in the the last week to talk about a New Hampshire the week before that we’re not going to stop talking about it. Cory has the boldest gun plan in in this Democratic race, including the very simple proposition that, if you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to own and possess a guy. I am the first to come out with that, and so, as long as we keep talking about it and unify around that has Democrats, I do think it’s a message that motivates our base and, frankly, it’s something that Republicans Independents agree with Democrats on. So we should not exceed any ground to the president or the anybody else were trying to divide us on that issue. Thank you so much for being with us. We appreciate it.
Cory Booker’s campaign manager, Addisu Demissie, spoke with CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns about what’s next for the New Jersey Democrat’s campaign. Demissie also discussed what viewers can expect to see from Booker at the next Democratic debate.

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