Cost of living tops voters’ worries: CBC poll | On Guard for Me

Cost of living tops voters’ worries: CBC poll | On Guard for Me
Cost of living tops voters’ worries: CBC poll | On Guard for Me
But we begin with the federal election still months away, as you know, but already people are thinking about the issues that could influence their votes and back. There is a new Poll for CBC news, and it is suggesting concerned about the cost of living will be a big also in the top four jobs in the economy. The Perennial issue of healthcare and Canadians growing concerns about climate change. So let’s dig deeper into the pool right now, starting off to worries about money and for that was bringing Scott Peterson story break down some of the numbers. Breshears Scott ends meet between paycheck, and so when we talk from week-to-week from paycheck to paycheck, so the cost of Basics really or talk about the cost of living. This is groceries. Food electricity keeping her children warm at 83 % of us are worried about those very basic things. The things that we use are a single-day putting gas in her car 52 % are also worried about retirement spray. Something aside for rainy day. Looking for those days when we don’t have to depend on living paycheck-to-paycheck every two weeks and 51 % of us are worried about shelter which is in worries wellhausen. Can you afford the house you live in the repairs going forward? Can you afford the rent if you’re renting here’s another concern here? The next board ask the questions as far as are Canadians worried about making ends, meet and meeting their payment from wait, 19 % say they’re not worried, they’re generally confident, but this is unusual. Look at that middle line there, the Blue Line, 68 % of us – are just getting by paycheck-to-paycheck making ends meet and we’re worried about it. 13 % feel like we’re, not only not make we are sort of thinking in a factor. That’S a real worrying statistic: here’s that one Canadian family, just moving to Hamilton, trying to make ends meet instead of itemizing what this means to them and for raising their children. That’S the big thing is that when you know that you have, when you can plan, when you know you have a certain amount of money, come in a few months and you’re like okay, we’re fine, because we know we are getting us in the future, but I Think that’s the problem is about ever ended. We definitely feel like okay, now or not find it. We need to figure how we can make ends meet if someone were to wear to lose a job. Has it make you feel date today? What’S interesting, go is when you measure people’s concerns and their perceptions of what life is like. It really goes against what he caught us are saying about the economy, not to somebody that is looking for a job that is worried about their relationship at work and as far as making ends meet from week-to-week paycheck-to-paycheck. Here is some of the things that Economist will tell us as far as how the economy is doing really well, for example, 453,000. Do jobs have been added to the Kane economy in the last 12 months that averages almost 40,000 new jobs every single month? 5.4 % is our unemployment rate, that’s the lowest. It’S been in almost 43 years: wage growth as well another important metric that tells you that employers are so anxious to gain employees that they’re willing to pay 2.8 % higher than this time last year. That’S a very important metric cuz, that’s above-inflation! It shows you that how resilient the job market is. Basically here’s one saying that you know the bigger picture does factor in when people are concerned about their particular situations. Lower the energy patch continues to feel the impact of a changing industry in that area, and we know the childcare costs are weighing on household as well as a fool still looks fairly solid. It’S completely understandable, even from someone who sends looking at numbers to understand why consumers and households might be feeling a little bit nervous. That’S the most important thing of all, of course, is regular Canadians, ordinary Canadians, families and, if they have, the perception of that worried as far as not knowing when the next paycheck is is, is coming a perception of worried about the security of their job. That’S her to Trump’s anything that any Economist is going to say as far as the strength of the Kenyan economy., Thanks for starting out, there are playing with right now, but there are a number of different factors that play into any election result in one. That is very important, as well has to do with demographics. This is how certain groups of people will vote and for that was bringing Eric renye he’s been looking through. The data for us today for C is the cdc’s pool analyst rentals in Ottowa, a big takeaway out of this anxiety that we see in these results. What was they were concerned about? Most? You did have over 50 % majority Canadians listing either the cost of living or climate change, and when you did, I break it down by various regions. Those were the top two issues across the country, so suggest that those will be a big issue. Election campaign in the area, shoes that in some way have to be balanced out the off against each other, which were seeing from some of the leaders when you break it down demographically, though you do see some differences younger Canadians, new voters, the ones who’ll be casting About for the first time in October, they are much more concern: climate change, denier about the cost of living, raise new Canadians. People have immigrated to the country in the last few years, they’re more concerned about cost-of-living, yes, but they also just finding and keeping a job. So, climate change not a major issue for them, so not a major issue for them Outlet or about the demographics of you mention first-time voters at talk about that group, as well as other groups, including indigenous voters. What stands out for you in the poll regarding those demographics? I really fascinating, because this was a demographic that delivers me to break through and in 2015, and it contributed to the majority government. What we’re seeing now is that support for the Liberals among indigenous voters has dropped significantly. There now dropped behind the conservatives, and the new Democrats party has picked up love that Sport and a lot of this is because indigenous voters are dissatisfied. You see the numbers that indigenous voters must much more likely to say that the country is on the wrong track, then other Canadians – and we saw that the Justin Trudeau gets very poor marks from just Canadians on how well he’s done to help improve the welfare of Indigenous Canadians, in their communities for first-time voters at you also see the Liberals are losing a little bit of steam at compared to where they were in 2015, but you’re. Seeing that the new Democrats in the greens are doing much better among first-time voters, and they would have done in 2015 on who first-time voters prefer as prime minister Justin Trudeau was tied with jug meeting and Elizabeth May was ahead of conservative leader Andrew Scheer. So it shows how on Addie’s demographic groups that the voting intentions, the way that the elections going to shape up to these voters and very different from the population as a whole. Okay, Eric thank you for that. That is Eric, renye and Auto heebie-jeebies.. I have seen a recent detailed look at climate change. The series was called in our backyard and our new CBC poll shows a majority of Canadians are willing to take action to try and slow down Rising temperatures. Now 3/4 of people said they are willing to make some lifestyle changes. 25 % said they would make major changes. The poll shows that the top options a majority of Canadians are willing to adopt include buying local food and products, reducing the thermostat purchasing and driving
A new poll suggests that Canadians feel cash-strapped and worried about jobs and the cost of living.This story is part of a series digging into the results of a CBC News-commissioned online opinion poll of 4,500 Canadians ahead of the October federal election.

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