Could a Far-Right Politician Be Brazil’s Next President? | NYT News

Could a Far-Right Politician Be Brazil’s Next President? | NYT News
This is the far right candidate that may become Brazil’s next president, President Trump and Filipino president for his highly controversial statements, including his NADA, obviously in Congress since 1991, the French far-right for most of his political career, making headlines more for his statements than any political achievements. Argument with a fellow congresswoman who accused him of promoting violence over the years, it’s been a long list of other devices of remarks. Last year, ecommons has grown in recent years. I’M eating with many Brazilians song guns and had said he’s, give police permission to kill suspect, but most of all he represents extreme opposition to the lastest Workers Party of former president Lula charges, busaras Workers Party rival in the election. It’S been. A former mayor of San Paulo and Minister under Lula and relies heavily on social media to spread his message. If it’s Amber Riley Hospital, he continues to campaign for life Appleton auto using the hashtag or not him by the critic, continued rising and falls in the first round of the election, who won 46 % of the vote, show me some run off on October 28th. I guess I died, who now faces an uphill battle?
Jair Bolsonaro has been in the fringe far right for most of his political career. Now, he is the front-runner in Brazil’s presidential race.

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