Could A White House Memo Show President Donald Trump Obstruction? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Could A White House Memo Show President Donald Trump Obstruction? | The Last Word | MSNBC
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what we have a detailed report tonight on what may be the most compelling evidence that President Trump may have obstructed Justice from the start of Rudy giuliani’s public defensive Donald Trump obstruction of justice has always been the the more investigation that Rudy Giuliani obviously fears the most which might be why Rudy Giuliani in the president prefer to talk about collusion rather than obstruction this is the week when they Trump defense motto seems to have and from there was no collusion to collusion is not a crime we will spare you the video of the president saying for more than a year now there was no collusion I think we’ve all heard that quite enough but the new repetition of collusion is not a crime begun by Rudy Giuliani and now seconded by the president this morning in the Tweet is a defense shipped that seems to indicate the president and Rudy Giuliani might be preparing for the Revelation from special prosecutor Robert Mueller that there Corrlinks or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani has been making much of the fact that the word collusion does not have many criminal legal meaning accepting antitrust law but the words I just used links and coordination don’t have any legal meaning in and of themselves but they are exactly the words used to describe what special Oscar Robert Mueller is specifically authorized to investigate prosecuted to conduct an investigation of any links and or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump and then Rod Rosenstein added something else a general wide-open authorization for the special prosecutor to investigate quotes any matters that are rose or may arise directly from the investigation that allows Robert Mueller to investigate anything that the FBI in his prosecutors discovered while they are investigating any links and or coordination between the Russian government in the Trump campaign anything at all that’s how Robert Mueller began investigating Michael Collins involvement in paying off Stormy Daniels another women for their Silence about sex with Donald Trump and even though the special prosecutor is authorized any links & or coordination with the Russian government if Robert Mueller finds that the word that will be used in any indictments about that won’t be links and or coordination the crime will be called conspiracy in Saudi Trump Giuliani new line of defense that collusion is not a crime has no legal meaning and we already know that Robert Mueller has found links and coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the the meeting at Trump Tower with Russians during the campaign shows that there are links between the Russian government’s and the campaign we already know that when the Russian government offering to coordinate with Donald Trump jr. provide dirt on Hillary Clinton Donald Trump jr. said I love it that we have no idea what other links and coordination Robert Mueller has found between the Russian government and the Trump campaign and we don’t know whether any of those links in poor constitute criminal conduct by anyone names Trump we watched Donald Trump on the campaign stage publicly try to link with the Russian government and coordinate with Russian government’s on Hillary Clinton’s emails Russia if you’re listening I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing bad weather that constitutes a criminal conspiracy to illegally coordinate with the Russian government’s to the benefit of the Trump campaign or whether it’s a component of that in some way the most dangerous part of Robert Mueller’s Authority for the Press and everyone near the president is the second part of Robert Mueller’s Authority which is to investigate quote any matters that are rose are may arise directly from the investigation which brings us to watching them jealous those words do not appear in the authorization of the Mueller investigation but that second component of the authority which is anything that arises in the investigation includes any putting destruction of Justice the part of the Mueller investigation that Rudy Giuliani publicly fears the most is obviously the obstruction of justice part we have new reporting on that today from Mari wash in the New York Review of Books Mary Watts says that he has been how to read a confidential Whitehouse memo which is in the special prosecutors possession which quote explicitly states that when Trump pressured Comey he had just been told by two of his top aides his then chief of staff Prince previous and His White House counsel down again that Michael Flynn was under criminal investigation last year the Trump defense team deliver the letter to Robert Mueller outlining their defenses of the president on obstruction of justice the key elements of their defense president Trump did not know that his National Security adviser Michael Flynn was being investigated by the FBI when the president talk to FBI director James Comey about quot letting Flingo James Comey quotes the president as he told him I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go to letting Flingo he is a good guy I hope you can let this go the Trump defense team has said that it is impossible for that conversation I know that the FBI was investigating Michael Flynn but Marie Wass is reporting that the White House memo that he read is a timeline prepared by White House counsel Don mcgahn showing every step that occurred in the White House and exactly who knew what and when in what became the story of the firing of National Security adviser Michael Flynn Marie wash reports the February 15th memo combined with accounts given to the special counsel priebus and McGann constitute the most compelling evidence we yet no of the Donald yet no of that Donald Trump may have obstructed Justice the most compelling evidence that the present may have obstructed Justice appears to come from on most senior and loyal AIDS the greatest threat to his presidency is not from his enemies real or perceived but from his allies within the White House getting off our discussion now John NBC News and MSNBC his co-host injector the producer of showtimes the circus also with us Danny cevallos MSNBC legal controller and Barbara McQuade and an MSNBC legal contributors here is the Watergate Echo it turns out the people who can do the most damage for the president work in the white house that was absolutely true in Watergate it was not the Democrats whose office got broken into who took down it’s always the case right and it’s the case because they are at the closest they’re the ones were writing things down there the ones that even in this case other people don’t really know what that is in what you’re supposed to do stuff in the White House govern their thinking enough that it could be the thing that seems to have certainly at the beginning of the presents at the beginning the presents might actually be the period in the Trump presidency where people like them again we’re operating most closely by-the-book possibly because they didn’t realize how Wild the whole place was going to become factual development remember when there was that tweet that President Trump put out it said I had to fire Mike Flynn because he lied to the FBI and then his lawyer was John Dowd came back very quickly inside wrong so it doesn’t ring true that this is a fact that they have known for a long time is a troubling fact because when you try to have to establish obstruction of justice you have to show that the person at you with a corrupt intent the president Trump do and learn even just before he asked him call me to stand down on the Flynn investigation I think there could be some powerful evidence of that corrupt intent it’s necessary it says people familiar with the matter have told me that both priebus and McGann have confirmed in separate interviews with the special counsel that they had told Trump that Flynn was under investigation by the FBI before he met with call me and Danny this dismantles one of these out the key element in the Trump lawyer’s letter to the special prosecutor about why Donald Trump could not have committed obstruction of justice in the Flint map team Fury from the beginning didn’t make a lot of sense and is no longer an investigation investigation that’s not going Trump goes into meeting with Comey and asked Comey to let go of an investigation that is far as Trump is where does not exist and so John of this reporting if true is yet another really clear walk on the issue of is Donald Trump ever going to sit down for an interview with known for over a year that priebus and mcgann’s say and and have told the person that they told Donald Trump that the FBI investigation was on going and so in any in any kind of interchange with special just like the word collusion and the word conspiracy or not in Robert Mueller’s remit and the word obstruction just isn’t problem a couple things about a couple of humans that were talking about here again this time like they were brought into talk about Miller they’re not going to keep coming back but Steve Bannon very quickly identify the other people because of the fact that use of firing Comey is the worst political decision you’ve ever made because he knew why he always was such a difficult problem for Trump action figures one of the key ones at at this stage of the evidence as we know it please testimony about what it was he said but if you can show that it was for some other purpose other than to cover up his own misconduct to the Cutlass the misconduct of people in his campaign that might be the best if you can show that there was not a corrupt motive yes he knew that he was under investigation somebody believe that it was a waste of taxpayer funds that he believe that it would be fruitless to try to go after this kind of a case if he can show that there was some other motive other than corrupt intent that might be the best but it’s some point there’s going to be a Reckoning with Robert Mueller either he sits down for an interview Robert Mueller has the ability to use a grand jury subpoena to get that information out of him so it some point I think he is going to face that Reckoning today about the obstruction of justice case there is credible evidence that the president United States has committed obstruction of justice and possibly a conspiracy 2 undermine our elections that’s simply the facts and the law and Giuliani is trying to confuse and distract playing word games and somatic but at the end of the day the special counsel is going to proceed methodic and meticulously and making the case and vindicator’s Reporting tonight that Don mcgahn this is a life in the reports on McCann hates Rudy with intensity of a thousand burning Suns and end Danny that’s that’s related to the word games that that was Giuliani has been playing on television and it it’s real legal practitioners that sounds like a reasonable reaction to what which state I don’t know if you’re in the Trump side of the case and you’re watching Rudy Giuliani on TV there can’t be anything you like about we’re going to move to suppress evidence it was a bad way but never tell the prosecutors the news that is corrupt the office just to stick it to your client if you do that and the other thing that Rudy is falling is taking everything and going out into the world with it as gospel every attorney has been burned buy a client when they don’t double check whatever the client tells them about the way things are the best artifacts they can think of and Rudy already has gone out to the world with the Exeter not really developed he look at some of the basic rules of defense attorney 101 he’s especially because you’ve probably being told those by team Trump and if you don’t verify those on your own they will come back to bite you not just a trial but in the news the shipped from there was no collusion to hey collusions not a crime what’s your reading of that what it seems like a very deliberate effort doesn’t it I mean this isn’t just one person saying it with that everybody activating and sending off the same sheet of music it seems like they sat down and had a meeting this weekend and said oh my gosh to change your strategy and it suggests to me that there is evidence of collusion that’s going to come out and they need to figure out a way around that and so say okay there is collusion but so what cuz because collusion isn’t a crime so I don’t know if it is concerns about we’re learning about the meeting with at Trump Tower with Russians if there was in fact perhaps some sort of premating that puts president Trump knowing about the meeting maybe that’s what they are concerned is going to be labeled as collusion and so do instead and say even if there was it’s not a crime it does seem like a very deliberate strategy and it does seem that they’re worried that there is evidence of collusion that is going to come out into into the public hearing that same Vanity Fair report that says dumb again hates Rudy with the intensity of a thousand burning Suns gets poetic there sometime other is this about John Kelly in that same Vanity Fair sweet congratulations to General John Kelly today we celebrate his first full year as white house chief of staff Trump wrote afterwards according to two sources familiar with the matter Trump turn to AIDS and said now can I get rid of them apparently apparently the answer there was no cuz now it looks like I’m going to have John Kelly all the way through to the end election but in the Trump Administration at least tomorrow morning tomorrow did Dani ceballos John Holland thank him starting at 5 tonight thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
A new report from Murray Waas says President Trump was allegedly told that Michael Flynn was under investigation before Trump asked Jim Comey to let it go. A memo could unravel the Trump defense. Lawrence discusses with John Heilemann, Danny Cevallos, and Barbara McQuade.
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Could A White House Memo Show President Donald Trump Obstruction? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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