Could Democrat Beto O’Rourke Defeat Ted Cruz in Texas? | NYT News

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Could Democrat Beto O’Rourke Defeat Ted Cruz in Texas? | NYT News
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Could Democrat Beto O’Rourke Defeat Ted Cruz in Texas? | NYT News
Texas border walls, oil wells, Lone Star beer, margaritas, the Panhandle sky, blue Austin, and a God-fearing Evangelical tea partier with a for country, music people are overall, Texas is red, like big, bright Republican, bread, a Democrat hasn’t been elected to a Statewide position, since this song was At the top of the charts, but things are changing Trump win, Texas by smaller margins. In the last two Republican presidential candidates, the state is becoming more diverse, less White and the Democratic candidates fundraising numbers so far astronomical. This is better or work. The Democrat and 44 million other people may have seen him in this viral video talking about NFL players, kneeling for the national anthem and lived in a loft in Brooklyn has been out on the road with Willie Nelson mr. Congeniality, and has that kind of Kennedy X Factor that nostalgic Democrats crave, you can catch him driving all over Texas. Austin live streaming media darling the successful track record in Texas. He loves pulling up the whole Texas thing. Cowboy boots check, gun, check, prayer check in 2012 and then ran for president in 2016. But what about the issues? Cruz supports Trump’s border wall and it’s against a path to citizenship for so-called dreamers or Rourke Pro immigrants, rights and Auntie border wall. Morgan restriction, like Universal background check. He wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour and legalize weed and in the end, it’s Cruz’s race to lose as long as he can keep the new Democratic post. Etouffee
In ruby red Texas, a Democrat hasn’t been elected to a statewide position since 1994. But ahead of this year’s midterms, a Senate race between an unflinching liberal and a religious conservative is unexpectedly close.

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