Could there be a second Brexit vote? – BBC News

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Could there be a second Brexit vote? – BBC News
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Could there be a second Brexit vote? – BBC News
Directions to beefy’s dominated everything in politics over the last couple of years. It doesn’t necessarily need to happen. Could you guys another vote? Another one? Well, possibly, the Prime Minister has always said she would hold them she’s a plan to trying to get backing for at the moment. What does she can’t get enough support in Parliament? It will either be more uncertainty, more division, no brexit brexit. Whole bunch of campaigners have been saying this for a while. Whenever we know what brexit is going to look like, if he still want it, the idea’s been picking up more and more traction Levi says it could be. An option always be clear relationships. Is the sun, Libra and Pisces are fighting hard to make another referendum happen? I listen to this from the shadow Chancellor, the S & P of Stevie. We back another vote on brexit in the way of a second referendum, suko people who I think this bakit and opposition parties go to incite a Futurity Rebels to possible the idea of another referendum. Have a majority in Parliament. The question then, is weather in peace. Could post the government old one second: remember: there’s no guarantee we’ll get to the stage, but if we did get there that we need to be legislation and Parliament that would take weeks, I’m making a happen before we official leave might not be possible and even have All that that happened, what would the options be? The PM’s deal no deal calling the whole thing off. So is it possible yes, but a lot of hurdles, nothing in politics in the moment and Satin
The Prime Minister has ruled out holding another referendum on Brexit, but some people still want the UK to stay in the EU and others want a final say on the deal to leave.

So could there be another vote? Our political correspondent Nick Eardley looks at what might happen.

If a further referendum was to happen, the EU would have to agree to delay or cancel the Article 50 deadline of the UK leaving the EU on 29 March 2019; in the UK, politicians would also have to pass legislation for a new referendum.

Filmed and edited by Nick Raikes

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