Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News

Could you fall in love with a pet robot? – BBC News
Are the eggs we have seen lots of robots at CES the promise to do all sorts of things to be smart home assistant to you and answer your questions. This one is designed to do nothing apart from be absolutely cute and lovable call lover, and if I cuddle it to sleep in my arms five nights, a massive camera in his head. That is so, I can take pictures of you and also second patrol your house and make sure nobody listens broken and they come in past. So you’d have two of these roaming about your house. While you are, what make you feel everything safe and sound, the retail price is expected to be more than $ 5,000. So that’s why an interesting price point, because it reminds me a little bit of a Furby. Remember those toys. People want Matt for a few years ago, more expensive 15 before CS, haven’t gone on to be a commercial success to capture eyebrows Hall.
Lovot the pet robot has emerged as one of the early hits of the CES 2019 tech trade show.

The machine is designed to make its owners fall in love with it and is covered in sensors to respond to their touches and strokes.

But as the BBC’s Chris Fox explains, while the bot is already winning affections, its price may prove a stumbling block.

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