Cowboys ‘obviously the team to beat’ in the NFC East – Stephen A. | First Take

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Cowboys ‘obviously the team to beat’ in the NFC East – Stephen A. | First Take
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Cowboys ‘obviously the team to beat’ in the NFC East – Stephen A. | First Take
Why are the Cowboys going to win and they’re going to essentially wrap up the division by default? The NFC East is terrible. It stinks on ice. It stinks out loud whatever Expressions that you’re comfortable with even a it’s terrible and the Cowboys are the least terrible team. In a terrible division, the eagle that had the classic Super Bowl hangover this year, they miss Jay ajayi a lot. You know, they’re banged up in their defensive, backfield, really bad, and so you look at this cowboys offense right now. How did they push their chips into the middle of the table? Two ways, one? They went out and traded for Amari Cooper. We’Re going to find out about this coach and quarterback we’re going give no excuses, Stephen, as you would say, and Trinity first-round pick for Amari Cooper He’s going up against the team with a banged-up secondary. What does that mean? I look for a big week from a big game from Amari Cooper. That’S one way in which they search up into the middle of table, and the other is Stephen A I said when they made that deal for Cooper. Everyone just assumes they’re trying to find out about that before you isolate the quarterback he’s the last guy you’re going to find out about you know if you think, maybe he has a shot to be a franchise. Everyone goes before him, and that includes the coach and the way the coaches pushed his chips into the middle of tables and look if I’m on the firing line anyway, which many people believe he is based on the way the Cowboys were playing and the kind of Mediocrity that you’ve documented call Steven A. The Cowboys have displayed in recent years. I’M going to have to run going to have to run Ezekiel Elliott that gives us our best shot so they’re running Ezekiel Elliott against the team. Let’S see if they can stop Miss tough to stop, especially with the Cowboys offense of line. Rounding into shape. Amari Cooper is playing in a favorable. Matchup has been big on 3rd down recently been making plays when they need him to his arm and with his legs, and that defense has been ferocious recently. The Cowboys will beat the Eagles this week and essentially wrap up the NFC East to do the Dallas Cowboys. Looked absolutely Sensational again, New Orleans Saints that defense was something to behold. It was something special. I give credit where credit is due. We all know how I feel about Ezekiel Elliott acquiring Amari Cooper. You look at the Dallas Cowboys and the way they’ve been rolling right now, obviously they’re the team to beat in the NFC East, okay y’all wanted me to say it I’ll say it now.. Having said all of that, you know, obviously you look at them. Should they be the favorites this week? In short, should they win this weekend sure you know what I have to say in response to all that Philadelphia Eagles, we understand, find wiggle room around Zach ertz. The way he’s been utilized the elevation of Golden Tate and how the chemistry between him and continues to develop. If you want to Philadelphia Eagles, let’s take into account favorite, you can sit up there and look at them and say you know what this is: a division rivalry, something that everything that glitters ain’t gold baby. The bottom line is you’re. Looking at Dallas Cowboys and there’s reason to believe that the Dallas Cowboys can fall this weekend, especially when you consider their history of mediocrity in the face of prosperity, I’m going to sit up there and tell you I’m holding off a daylight time, giving Dallas Cowboys jersey To Dallas Cowboy worked in Philadelphia for 17 years he’s got a lot of Philly in his heart, a lot of Philly in his heart. You can see the Super Bowl in the second one. The season was over Steven A even when you go back to last year’s Superbowl. You talk about how they can win with ball-control offense right now, not really, they really miss a giant we’re not playing in last year’s Super Bowl original thought. I think it was like in USA Today for the win. Someone floated the theory that Belichick didn’t play Butler cuz. He was daring, Nick Foles to beat them through the air because they knew. Let’S see you beat division 6. I mean give me the Dallas, the Dallas Cowboys, how me some of that stitches on them.
Stephen A. Smith acknowledges how well the Dallas Cowboys have played in recent weeks, but calls upon the Philadelphia Eagles to rise up and beat the Cowboys in their Week 14 match up.

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