Crazy Rich Asians: ‘We want to create a movement’ – BBC News

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Crazy Rich Asians: ‘We want to create a movement’ – BBC News
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Tom how’s it feel to be a white actor in Hollywood who doesn’t know what I mean because it’s highlights the Rarity the universal spoken when you look at the lack of Asian American and Asian blade story and actors in cast’s coming out of the Hollywood studio system it’s been 25 years since we’ve had an all Asian westernize cast send her to the movie and 25 and so I think when you make a movie like this really highlights that and you realize that we do want to create a movement so that you know if people feel represented and heard and understood and valued crazy is pneumonia all over Asia family their old money Rich they had money when they left China in the 1800s and they went all the way down here not there here they came in Singapore and that kind of leads to them rethinking strategy in terms of creating stories for the future people of color we have tremendous amounts of stories to tell but now the opportunity that students like I’ll hold on this could this could be something that we were quits that just leads to more more isn’t it any group that’s not the dominant group of the dominant culture had the chance now of you not getting that that film a door or the TV scription and green TV series green that I think Hollywood is fine by counts the fact that people want to see us Orthodontics storytelling yeah if it’s just a thought
“Tom Cruise, how does it feel to be a white actor in Hollywood?”
The cast of Crazy Rich Asians speak up about diversity and representation in Hollywood.

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