Cruise line faces backlash over shooting of polar bear

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Cruise line faces backlash over shooting of polar bear
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outrage is growing after a cruise ship guard shot and killed a polar bear its image just might be disturbing too many a German Cruise company says the polar bear attacked a guard during a tour of the art the company says another guard then shot and killed the Bear in self-defense the injured guard was airlifted out with head injuries and is in stable condition is happened on Norway’s remote Northern Island known as The Realm the polar bear its halfway between Norway and the North Pole joining me now to discuss Wildlife expert Jeff Corwin adjust a good to see what your reaction to this and what really is most disturbing about this is that polar bears despite their flowers Frederica and their and they’re great size and strength or ability to survive and one systems on the planet endangered and I slippy ports Extinction so when there’s only 25,000 polar bears left on the planet everyone matters and we don’t know all of the circumstances of how this happened just generically that The Inn at one guard was attack and another guard then shot and killed but so many other questions arise and you know your PIN pointing on their vulnerability and when you talk about you know population of animals that are really under just stress you know I mean talk to me about that how that species is under distress whether it’s because of the climate or whether it’s because of you food supply and how that might have altered the behavior potentially even of this animal at the moment so is under distress it is being stressed because its environment is changing because of warming sees the perennial ice of these Bears depend upon has all but disappeared this is I said supposed to be there permanently has the ability to swim 60 miles a day yet they are drowning in Open Water because the ancient ice they relied on us as gone away so yes often times now on polar bears I normally would not be but this is polar bear habitat Frederica this is a place where you are in this ecosystem as a tourist or as a scientist you have responsibilities that you stay safe you don’t interfere with the wild Behavior their lives or threatened or the guards life is threatened and then the only alternative is to you no kill so another question is some ask why not a tranquilizer if there is that feeling you know that or being Taurus lives might be in danger as well and they took them decision one could take I will tell you that it’s no easy task using a tranquilizer sometimes it requires multiple shots to sedate the animal I have actually work on planet in Peril polar bears in the Arctic quite a challenge to work this remarkable creatures button up to your earlier Point discussed really how critically endangered they are and what really breaks my heart today it’s me now live in a world of our own government isn’t focusing I’m just stressed from natural changes from man-made changes but also from Department of interior that doesn’t break like we have the path very important features a lot of lessons learned here you’re in their home backyard respect them and their space Jeff Corwin thanks so much for being with us appreciate it
A German cruise line is facing outrage after one of its employees shot and killed a wild polar bear in Norway after the animal attacked one of its employees.
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises said its ship was docked at Spitsbergen, the largest island on Norway’s Svalbard archipelago when the bear attacked a guard hired to go on shore before passengers to ensure there aren’t any polar bears in the area

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