Dad creates VR world to help daughter – BBC News

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Dad creates VR world to help daughter – BBC News
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Dad creates VR world to help daughter – BBC News
The reason why I started making VI is because when I let image – and I forgot that she was becoming really really upset, I was so mad. I had a loud noises, Imogen struggles with Williams syndrome. I said not look at the opera singer and you’ll see the big walking drops in a minute, simple, homax, tough. She probably got too distracted out to upset the project to bring the school trip from the gym, so she’s not comfortable in her crate and a wild. Why she can learn from because there’s no distraction that she’s so engaging using the VR and from the images from it getting better and better each day got no skills in a VI. For the last 15 years, I’ve been working in the chef at the thought. I feel proud of myself and also proud to be a thought that I don’t sleep, helps with our trying to get the best out of it. Yes, I know you’re the Facebook we need to tell the camera say the comes to Olive. Ebook
Craig Chaytor taught himself to make 360° videos to help his daughter Imogen, who has learning difficulties because of Williams syndrome. His project aims to bring school trips into the home.

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