Dad murders 4-year-old son and mother in Queens triple murder suicide – Daily Mail

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Dad murders 4-year-old son and mother in Queens triple murder suicide – Daily Mail
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heavily armed police moved into the first-floor apartment at 30th Drive in Astoria expect to see an NYPD helicopter hovering over head with ambulances standing by not one victim could be saved after this burst of violence Monday night entering that location they observed in QuickTime for individuals that were apparently the victim of gunshot wounds women in a 5 year old boy shot to death in the home A man was shot and reportedly found with his throat slashed in the back yard detectives also found the gun used in what investigators are looking at as a possible triple murder suicide play evidence wherever it leads shooting left many visibly emotional Andrew people out of their homes on the Treeline neighborhood I just got back from vacation I came home with my suitcase and saw all these police cars as always the best neighborhood my lights happen like this investigators are definitely saying if this was domestic in nature they’ve got to wait for the medical examiner before they make that ruling official nor are they telling us the identity of the people that were found dead inside of this building though we checked with police this morning and it does not appear that there’s any outline danger here to the community
James Shields, 39, shot his son, James Jr., and the boy’s mother, his ex-wife Linda Olthof, 47, at his home in Astoria on Monday at around 9pm. For months, he had been complaining about his ongoing custody battle with Linda who, he alleged, kept their son in the Netherlands and only allowed him to visit his father for two weeks out of the year.

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