Damian Lillard: We have to protect home court in Game 3 | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Damian Lillard: We have to protect home court in Game 3 | 2019 NBA Playoffs
Damian Lillard: We have to protect home court in Game 3 | 2019 NBA Playoffs
Coming to this place, I mean obviously we looked at last night and we let one get away play much better and no, they won both games on their own floor. Not think that’s to the best approach to have is understanding that what we did to give ourselves a chance – and you know what hurt is in a lot of a lot of people at the game slept. But now we just we live for a lot of the game, but just the second second chance opportunity. You know, I think they had like 13 offensive rebounds and they were 9/11. You know for like 20-something points and then the second opportunity, so that really hurt us. I think down the stretch. You know what they made a run and kind of took the lead at the end of the game. Offensively we were getting good, looks we didn’t make shots and a great offense play good enough office. We just didn’t, you know, finished with makes at the end of those possessions and when we missed the kind of struggled offensively in that same stretch, you know we had some miscommunication as they were. You know backdoor dunks, do guys go to the body, throw it to the to the guy saying the screen, and then it was like two on one on the backside. So we have make you feel happy with her for the game plans. quit because of losing the game, but I think we’re encouraged by that being a situation knowing that we had our opportunities and also understanding what what allowed us to break down. At the end of the game, no, maybe against another team we had our situation. Maybe we still, you know squeak out of there with a win, but against the championship. Team team, we’re really smart players. You know they throwing the ball to Draymond, Green and Andre Iguodala or a championship thinking they saying what’s going on and then they got to Great. You know all time shooters out there as well. So this is not the time you going to get away with with those slip-ups again. Maybe we should be encouraged. Towne 16 in-game one with opportunity in that game. In the last game, we pretty much had the game, and then we had a game and it was. It was more of us breaking down and it missing shots. Then it was them just. You know coming to take me to work 22nd. Round. I mean it going runs a 15-point lead at halftime, their third quarter, team they’re going big runs and even when they went on that run, we still wanted to the fourth tied and we took the lead in the fourth quarter. So we weather that storm he’s. Just always that possibility of them having a quick run and you got to score points when they do that. You know. Obviously you do your best to slow just going down and they do a lot of running around and screaming, and you know they crashing glass. You got a score back and I thought down the stretch we got looks so then we got shots that you didn’t fall and when they don’t fall, you got to go on the other end and be that much sharper. We didn’t come up with the stops for the amount of shots with missing. I thought you play really well, obviously, having a guy out there when you throwing it back, it was a really good shooter him ET. I thought both of those guys did a great job. Nothing just how you got to be with you. I mean where we are confidence. Is there I think that showed in both games and obviously the first game we didn’t play like we wanted to last game. We we were the better team in game 2 and we let the game slip away. They want a game, but I mean it like. I said it was both games on their own floor and in the playoffs. You always have to take your home for it, and now you know we got the opportunity to do the same thing. So you know we tomorrow go get this first one at home, Layton UT, T20. Curry is that you guys are in the wrong place, not sure about the first one. I just communication on our part. I mean it was, it was staff and it was Iggy and the whole game. We have been switching that out, but when I saw Evan his head was turned, so I didn’t want to put him in the position you take him and then I take it easy because his head was turned. So I don’t want to put in position where I say you go out and then he got it like he’s kind of caught off guard and then I’m in position where I’m going to go. Why so he wouldn’t see it at the last second, he saw stuff coming off and he went and I was already pursuing. So you know that was one of our slip-up. That was one of the things that happened in then. On the other end, I’m talking about the lonely Dreamer did a lot of switching was probably somebody got caught behind and we were, it was working for us just got caught in a bad position. Are you get back home and you already pick that officers going to be like? I was just excited to get back in my bed, two games Max. You know we just basically had a three-game road trip, all tough game so so good to be back home. It’Ll. Be fun to get back in front of our crowd and I’ll get that energy on our side and our mentality, baby shark be focused and go out there and Play-Doh Play-Doh. You know when let them know we, we can beat you and play with that type of attitude, not confidence and also understand that, just because we’re at home is not going to happen, we got to go out there and make it happen. Game 2. Last night, to give you extra motivation, it is what it is.
Damian Lillard talks with the media coming off the Blazers 114-111 loss to the Golden State Warriors about how they plan to protect their home court in Game 3 as well as how they fix their mistakes from Game 2.

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