Danforth shooting victim Reese Fallon mourned at visitation

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Danforth shooting victim Reese Fallon mourned at visitation
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Tiffin one week since the deadly shooting in Toronto’s Greektown many in the city or still struggling to deal with what happened in the impact is had this evening the Mayor John Tory return to the Danforth to reflect on the people who continue to gather to pay their respects and that’s what shows you how strong is community is and it doesn’t take away from the tragedy it doesn’t take away from The Grieving but it just shows you this is a real community and we got to make sure it stays that way and then we fight off anything that is going to Trenton that today people offer their condolences to the families of the two people killed in the attack ten-year-old Juliana cosas and 18 year old Reese Fallon seems he’s Greg Rose has more in a community still in mourning I feels like a nightmare where we can’t wake up a shooting on the Danforth many still feel the pain this afternoon family friends and people from the community gathered at a public visit in For Recess valid the 18 year old woman who was shot and killed last Sunday because I’m a mom myself and I felt really sad about what happened last week members of the Toronto police mounted unit stood guard outside while mourners made their way inside for one last goodbye I don’t think we’re anywhere near starting the healing process yet we’re just still trying to accept what has happened family friend who knew Fallon well and spoke to were just hours before she died he was gunned down a man who is still haunted after witnessing her last moments hidden greens it’s open your memory might Nemet lives just steps away from this Fountain he was one of the first to arrive on scene among a group of people who help them he says the mental images from that night are hard to shake the thing that triggers me now is when I hear ambulances and fire trucks going by it it kind of brings you back to that moment all this Mayhem is going on there’s just people yelling and screaming and you couldn’t hear anything but now we’re here where we can hear the fountain and kind of bring some calm we’re told that he will come here to this Fountain where he will leave flowers at this growing memorial for the victims rycroft CBC News Toronto and while the Danforth tries to return to some sense of normal one start reminders last Sunday Dimitri’s the dessert restaurant where the gunman opened fire remains boarded up it will likely be closed for several more days
Danforth shooting victim Reese Fallon was mourned at a public visitation in Scarborough. CBC’s Greg Ross reports.

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