Dating app murder suspect seemed like ‘dream guy’

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Dating app murder suspect seemed like ‘dream guy’
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now that frightening story from a woman who says she dated a self-proclaimed serial killer the man accused of using dating sites to pray on an attack women now one is coming forward saying she narrowly avoided the same thing everywhere Chef is here with that story good morning room morning to you Robin Zendaya Barney said she thought she had met her dream guy on a dating app until their relationship took a very dark and violent turn now she’s speaking out to warn others saying her story could happen to anyone looking for love online at the authorities looking Batman’s claims he’s killed several women everyday you know it was turned into a horrifying near death experience six-year-old mom speaking out to ABC news about her tumultuous relationship with 27 year old Daniel Drayton the man now suspected of killing a woman and sexually assaulting at least two others all of him he allegedly met online Realty in the beginning because I gotta feeling like how can I not see the signs Barney says the relationship started out promising and she intercepted a phone call from another woman you should have been honest with me I should have to find out like this she sleeping outside her home buying her gift begging for her forgiveness until last month when he told her he was heading to California she agreed to meet him and he asked her to drive to a nearby park he’s like so you really don’t see us getting back together I was like No And that’s what he just looked at me in the car and then jumped across had both of his knees on top of my knees while my seatbelt was still on and my car was he paid it somehow pushed my gear in the park and I’m sitting here you got to his thumb in my throat I saw the Martinez say he kept his kill you I’m going to kill you I’m going to kill you at some point that you think this is when he was choking me I can’t even describe the feeling 3 Workman in the park noticing Barney was in distress I wouldn’t be here but a judge later granted his release Weeks Later Drayton a fugitive wanted by the NYPD for the murder of 29 year old nurse Samantha Stewart and the rate of a 23 year-old woman a fugitive task force and Los Angeles police eventually arresting him last week and in North Hollywood Hotel where they say he had raped and attempted to kill a woman he was holding hostage he pleaded not guilty to those charges after his arrest Drayton claimed he had committed as many as 7 murders authorities have not been able to verify the crimes ever occurred has it changed your outlook on those online dating apps completely I deleted every single one and it says so scary because you just never know who somebody is ABC News has learned rating was convicted in the past of five felonies in Connecticut including harassment and strangulation now a lot of people are wondering why a judge allowed his release after that assault on Nevaeh Barney coretel ABC News there was no way the judge could have known and the judge didn’t know there was an out-of-state criminal history authorities say that once he’s extradited here to New York he will face murder charges suggestions about what to do because lot of people are on these apps I heard from a lot of people that were very thankful about that
Zynea Barney, 26, speaks out about her relationship with Danueal Drayton, the 27-year-old suspected murderer who police believe used dating apps to target his victims.

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