David Saint-Jacques answers questions after returning from space

David Saint-Jacques answers questions after returning from space
David Saint-Jacques answers questions after returning from space
Got2B have the opportunity to share this adventure with everybody talk a little bit the weather, no problem with movement on your own, and you see the Station movie further away from you actually floating. It takes about an hour to make sure that everything is working. Okay, the computers are improperly turn on the entrance, acceleration that occurs that we haven’t felt for a long time. It’S like when you slam on the brakes in a car, and it lasts about four minutes. You’Re stuck against your seat and you kind of wondering. What’S going on and then you slow down, nothing happens after like a half an hour before you start to feel the atmosphere there is, the wind is very high, feel feel everything moving and then you see the Flames Through the Windows, and you realize we’re going back Into the atmosphere, look at various equipment on there and we’re going, oh, my God feel like you’re crushed against. I thought my hand was stuck and I felt that you know what you’re squeezing in my throat and then it was a big of Fireball and the capsule. We were going so fast, many kilometers latitude, the parachute open, and then we were kind of bounced incredible sensation and of course, so that’s when we did a high-five among ourselves. We thought we’re good at work. and then well then all you have to do. Is Earth move up closer to the ground and then it’s the final impact bang and to feel that acceleration weight of gravity impact. You look out the window, you can see the Green Grass and and in terms of your health status and your exercises how’s it going physically. After all of that, it’s going very well every day is going better now the big problem. For me. I just have a lot of pain. It was mainly my balance. I couldn’t stand up, but now things are going better. I started to run a little bit yesterday, but I’m being careful, I don’t want to do anything that could be. I’m going to bath with my kids, but I don’t have lightheadedness better every day as well. So the return to Earth and gravity has once again become my friend you had of coming back towards Earth. We’Ve been living in space for several months that you received. I want to go into the store you strap ourselves in and then unblock from still use. The first jolt, as we were, pushed away from stories from the station: that’s our first perception of of a movement, and then we see station move away. That’S been my home for so long. I got a sense of why we’re just alone in this tiny little capsule. Now, let’s hope this process works well and, and then we’re focused for about an hour full orbits on all the technicalities of the orbit burn correct the curve of our fellow match of the Caribbean curse because of our for velocity to Slow Down, Speed, slow down. And that’s a feeling of exhilaration that hadn’t felt in a long long time, and it’s a bit like if you’re not of your driving your car in reverse and you break that’s what it feels like a tablet, stylus and let it float the space that separates into Three pieces and then Grill on Royal Castle, that wind is going 8 kilometers per second. Can you see the gelow? That’S when you start to feel that sensation of deceleration again imagine driving your car backwards and braking be my full weight know. It’S only points for set up to go 1-2-3-4. The sand then you’re even more. It’S flying to the atmosphere the same time to hit the bullseye landing spot while we’re busy giant jerk of the parachute opening and that’s where the castle, spinning all around somersault and you’re ripping thrown around just laughing. Because for us for us to survive the space lights, and so that’s an i5 when a parachute finally opens and then we’re just bobbing in the win falling down falling down falling down, eventually into radio contact with the search-and-rescue forces and their helicopter, is there right right Back and then eventually and then everything Lionel Messi yes good afternoon, mr. Sunshine delighted to see you back on on Earth, I was wondering looking back what’s the most difficult moment when you were in space, did you feel lonely or Solitude at any time I was afraid. Of., But not at all, we’ve been training for many months together we were very close-knit, very close to each other. There was also contact people by telephone or videos problem problems. More difficult was adjusting adjusting to my role as an astronaut technical responsibilities as an astronaut to be sure I did things properly to make sure I could properly fulfill my rule on the space station. Being there very happy to see you back on Earth, you traveled to a very number of different regions, turn to a difficult psychologically the return to Earth, there’s something that was strange. When you come back to earth from space the six months dream, there was my life before the mission in my life. Esther has the whole experience missions, defaro, provided for at certain intervals. I’M just wondering whether there was anything unusual about what happened during your mission. Fortunately, there were no tragedies, but there were a number of false alarm. You know the fire alarm that went off and there were some technical difficulties with emergencies, but fortunately were very well trained and we were able to consequences dozen or more events, such as unexpected events or alerts that any consequences program went forward without any impact you made A comparison in English in French, when you talked about the bag, Community impact Dorena vehicle collision of happens for a number of minutes, a lot of movement to return to Earth in your daily activities. Have there been 2 *? Are you happy to be doing things with gravity? They had an opportunity to see my children in my family very quickly, seeing them walking and taking them into my arms and feelings of there. Their they’re felt, like I was kind of floating, but in clearance little sister know you mentioned earlier. If there is still a lot of work to be done – and I understand yes – that’s correct dude for about two or three weeks – I will be the subject of a number of experiments. What happens when you come back from space and you’re still feeling the effects of gravity? So now I’m of interest to the scientists, so I’m really kind of just when I go back to my normal life, I won’t be as much interest a sort of a guinea pig there’s also going to be exactly what the optical experiments, the scientific experiments that we Conducted a prototype constantly evolving, of course, between coming back to Earth and those going up to the station. What to do when you were in space? Were you happy to come back to go back to have some more protein, for example? Well, physical contact with my family and my children and wife. I miss that a lot of my friends as well perhaps meme, are when they’re lot of people on the street in the evening good afternoon. Mister saint-jacques, Sean Costello, spaceflight Insider welcome home of one full orbit of no assignments, no responsibilities so that you could take in a full revolution of our Earth. Can you tell me where you successful in achieving that and come a potentially that and any other time that you had to reflect on Earth? What were your findings? What were your observations, Apple Summit? Sometimes I would just so you know I’ll go to bed later and spend that I love night passes that the night half of the orbit when you switch off all the lights in the module in the cupola, and you stay there after about 10 minutes your eyes, We could use to lower light level, you can see the earth and the atmosphere going tonight to switch on the moon let the day, and it was very, very a soothing. If you want – and it was it was the you could feel that this is a very unique perspective. We are an extension of the human mind up there. It’S the it doesn’t make you feel small on the country hits make. You feel part of something huge, which is the power of the human mind, to expand our world to expand our perspective, and it’s the it’s got Ingenuity that invented electricity. That allows us to do these impossible Feats of living on Earth, and so that was a very powerful moment and to reflect on the collaboration. That’S behind its reflect on the fact that there’s two I’m around the world people from control center, the round-the-world the longest to happen and how, despite the problems that are real, the political issues that we cannot neglect he’s want to work together. We can and when we decide when that happens, we do amazing
Canadian Astronaut David Saint-Jacques speaks for the first time since successfully completing his mission to the International Space Station.

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