Dayton, Ohio shooting: Officials give update on August 4 shooting in downtown Oregon District

Dayton, Ohio shooting: Officials give update on August 4 shooting in downtown Oregon District
Dayton, Ohio shooting: Officials give update on August 4 shooting in downtown Oregon District
Fantasize and he can stand beside the video so until beat video alright well good afternoon. Everyone I mean Whaley, mayor of the Dayton Police Department, ketchup in a few days since we’ve had an update this weekend, really pleased with just the outpouring of support we received from the community 660 stations are funerals the families. I think we’re very pleased to see the number of people that came and supported them and they’re going through a very difficult time, obviously now and can people to continue to keep them in there in your prayers and thoughts as they’re. Moving through this incredible Foundation is continuing to pretty much everybody of all Stripes coming together to that find, which I think is not surprising, considering how how cohesive this community is, can Survivor Network to really have a great event with people that have survived continue? We have a couple of updates for you, for certain. Have citimanager Show Theme talk about just the totality of the organization and what the organization has done during this tragic event, and then she feel is going to give an overall timeline of exactly what happened that evening. So I was turned over to aged in the shooting, are or taking a neutralizing. The shooter is a lot of heroic service provided across the organization and across the region. So just to sum up a few things to help, you understand her to highlight the total response. He had helping the police department, there were 14 responding agencies from federal state county and other local jurisdictions, included, of course, engaging the but applying first aid performing CPR, applying tourniquet comforting victims, securing the crime scene collecting physical and digital evidence, some of which the cheaper walkthrough. Today, ongoing investigation, elec tivities managing the message regarding the event and the investigation to the media and general public and supporting their teammates through this very difficult time. The fire department was the first Department to create the command post to integrate police and fire into a unified command. They responded. Arden Fire Department, responding medic unit 6 in three letters and a lot of other specialized units to support the response to the event Fire Department. 5 jurisdictions provided fire station filling and responded to a working structure fire on McLean Street. They also spent time supporting and continue to spend time supporting their teammates. Through this event and Beyond Recreation, Youth Services provided facility support at the Dayton Convention Center for the Emergency Operations Center and communications center. They also provided space and coordinated with a Red Cross to create the Family Assistance Center and they coordinated The Press Room where we did. Multiple multiple oppressive in the Department of Public Works, provided a variety of Street Maintenance activities, help set up the stage for the Sunday night vigil the office of public affairs city managers, office, Merrick, Commission office and the Law Department established and promoted clear channels for residence and Meet to get accurate and timely info, including live streaming press events and pushing out info on City, social media channels and website they coordinated and enormous amount of me calls and insured. Local and National media had access to city leaders and finally managed a great deal of donations and outpouring of public support and pushed out information to start the community and the healing process. So, aside from the police officers who engaged in the shooting, there were literally hundreds of people within our organization and throughout the region Who provided heroic service to it. This tragic event, and now I’ll turn it over to a cup who sings here today to give a little bit and update. Is you might understand that, after an event of this magnitude that preliminary information on casualties is preliminary, we actually had people who were Walk-Ons? That are walking the hospital’s asking for services, Caesar gunshot wounds, so this is everyone killed or injured through a gunshot wound in total a26 victims, 15 + 11, the racial demographic breakdown of all of those victims. We thought it was important to give you an update is complete, as we can at this time, although I don’t anticipate any additional victim says the Stanley coming forth. We need to be still open to that possibility. I will say that there has been incredible interest by probably all media agencies call timeline, and I was asked the number of questions and really middle last week about. Can I confirm this video coverage of the individual with inside blind, Bob’s and nice being a good fact that these folks were together all three of the assailant, his sister and His companion and time? That’S silver point in time, but that’s not really our biggest concern. Our concern was once they separated what happened, and what was that timeframe? We now to fill that in. So you see right now confirm the arrival of those three individuals in a vehicle that was parked behind in his high 9 parking lots know where that’s at. I sue most of you. Parking ticket did had that time, stamped on it sample to confirm the time of arrival. We know Amelia Pond Arrival, all three headed to a blind Bob’s and remain there until 13 a.m. when the assailant is fact left one across the street to Ned Peppers, where he remained until 12:42 a.m.. He then goes back to the parking lot and then spins is affect the time I where the vehicles had and he spends the next 8 minutes Gathering content out of the trunk of that vehicle, in which he is also now changed a tire. He has a very heavy backpack that he is carrying. He then goes to the rear of a high newcombe’s and as a heart, Mercantile location, and he is there for about nine minutes and it said that pointers physical evidence. Not only was there video evidence, it was at that location and that detail in this presentation and then at the 1:04 a.m. he emerges behind the alley and that’s one the shooting begins. So this slide are his obviously an overhead view of the Oregon district. Where this incident occurred, covering all the way from the, if you look in the bottom left corner of this TV screen, that’s the time, I’m parking lot. So that’s where the vehicle is parked and now will show you the path that all through all three took from that vehicle to Blind Bob’s has green line that shows their path of trap. All of this will be validated subsequently through video and I’m going to ask Lieutenant Paul Saunders, who is the commander of strategic planning King on reviewing 250 GB, a video to try to determine path of travel? We can identify the suspect in the assailant his path of travel in timeframes. The next Blue Line is when the assailant East Ontario Street, down Jackson Street and then come the first time, but then turned a blind Bob’s. When is that that for walkway, the next is his path of travel once he has obtained the backpack his vest put on. So this from the parking lot back to the walkway right adjacent to Blind Bob’s, where the shooting begins and where three individuals were fatally wounded. Been across the there’s additional victims along the north side of his street Jason to a nearby peppers and there’s another victim on the south side of the street in front of Tumbleweed for tumbleweed. This now shows this is the video that was obtained from multiple businesses. I won’t try to name them all, but these are the video I recorded video that was obtained and documented this time frame of these passive and the activity most particularly when the assailant left the company of his Buster and His companion. So I will now have Lieutenant Paul Saunders come up to the podium and he will walk you through the video, some of which we may have to show more than once. I will warn you in advance. Some of the video is is rather grainy some his really good Clarity, so the table to say this is that this is the assailant is based timeline of other video another day points, so we’re absolutely confident, even though the it seems to be indistinguishable of who, that Is that we are confident that this is fact the assailant who is being tracked by video throughout this Gap in time for the time he left his sister and His companion and then began shooting afterwards, when you get a chance to see, if you need to contact Wine and see if video, again again, if it’s hard, efudix hard with me, I watched it a lot of times. It’S sometimes hard for me to actually see movement in individual. We will make this publicly available. No further Ado, a lieutenant Saunders I’ll bring you out. So when you see the video and it’s on the small TV because of the quality, we have different sources of the video from the surveillance cameras to get the screen. The timestamps on the individual videos, Curry videos, the different go back on their mats – are the different viewpoints that we have. The lower left right here is a residence that highlights the tie-line parking lot. This is the the record for video highlights of time and parking lot. This is to the rear of nipples. That’S a very clear video you’re going to see that that’s one of our reference points you’ll understand what I’m talking about. When we see someone video is very grainy to the product on the patio on the front, redneck, Peppers, video. We have beer to the rear from the heart, Mercantile and then the far right, top and bottom of both couple weeks. For me, this is a private residence. The highlighted yellow is where is a tree branch butts actually behind a tree branches where the vehicle east of operations town right now, but on? Second man, on the right hand, side for a thumbnail that shows the video that you’re looking at the camera Viewpoint, and it will show the path so they keep it in perspective. Clyde is going to be behind the Americans parking lot or newcomb’s in the alley. This is from their video. The videos very clear, you’ll see that the minute this shows the three of them together. Please note is the shooter. He was wearing a shirt promote the evening that has that very distinctive detail in the back that made it possible for us to identify him several different video sources. Next you’re going to see the shooter enter from the patio, the sister and friend are still on the patio he’s going to speak with the doorman for a minute he’s going to exit the time that we have on. This is about 30 minutes after midnight. He leaves here and at the moment and now he at 12:14. So I’m going out later, the shooter in entering Ned peppers, pepper seeds there for about 30 minutes. That was very crowded, shoulder shoulder and then he leaves at 12:40 to keep time off. To remember to 1242 time, cuz we’re getting closer to the point of when they shooting again we catch him Ontario going eastbound on 5th Street. You can see me five hours and yellow right up here. You can see that shirt that helped us finding. He travels eastbound. You see the past on the right hand. Side in the hook then moves on up. I’M sorry backup when I apologize another point, so he is just come out of a video from a hole in the wall which is right Cruiser where the police are on their very visible, to see him next life. This is him in the alley of this video that was caught from the rear of tumbleweed Shooters, not walking in the alley, barely see through training, he’s walking, eastbound he’s walking back towards the car at this point, and then this is the walking eastbound. Don’T know. If he’s still wearing a t-shirt still, in short, there’s no backpack, it’s 12:45 right now. We know that at this point he’s heading back to the car. This is from the record store on 5th Street coming from the left and right. So then, we’re going to switch over to the private residence camera. This one saw on the very beginning, he’s buying a car. If you were on high resolution screen, you can see through this Branch there’s movement – I can hear about the video we set it up. So you have to wait a minute, but when you walked out you’re going to notice the key thing here is: he’s no longer wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt. Not if you can see the move and I’m here, but there is moving right on the car right there, and here it comes long, sleeve shirt. The path on the right hand, side shows how he went back over to the alley, for this was just verifying his point that he had no interactions. Anybody else. Comes he’s coming out in from the dumpsters in the building and he’s going to. Something else shows that happened this morning, so it’s not empty. So this is a key Point here, because posvar II Men. Thank you see that this camera view goes to the corner, which is this point of this building. At this point, we lost him for about 9 minutes, find him anywhere on the phone video go to the next screen and Wii never could stand come this way. The guys finally picked it up watch the screen here will probably have to play this portion twice, but when you play you’re going to see him Dart around the corner and there it is, as you can see it, but he’s pretty quickly. So what next? For me, this is, but he comes up with Allie. We know that he was probably charging his weapon loading. It loaded weapon., Because the next day as well, processing the scene naproxen where that highlighted star is or where this placard is. There is enough spent round images like it because it didn’t charge properly, so that was recovered with the shooter had silver, pretty sure that he was turning the corner. She was probably charging the next video is going to show the reason why we think that I did was traveling up this Sally’s when he began shooting so because the people going to tell you when you actually have rounds coming down range, then we’re going to replay It – and I want you to follow the line – will be superimposed and that’ll so when the shooter comes through here, but the shooter doesn’t actually enter the frame and socks that happens. So this is the patio I just heard shots and if you would play them for me, please so that the merry goes, and we know that he’s been firing then pause for a second, because just passed this umbrella is the taco stand. That’S where I first 3 fatality zapper. One of them is sister, so we also know from the eyewitness accounts that Ashleys Crossing 5th Street, which is right here on the Red Lion history and there’s evidence of that. It also 2 peppers and you’re going to see the First Response of the officer, and it’s late for me to have obviously just heard the gunfire. The first officer coming around this corner, followed by the Occidental, are the remainder of them, will come out. We’Ll fan out right here and you can see when is this Mike Stud around, because his video does that I didn’t this time so they’re engaging right now. So this is the the actors in later on. You can barely see this guy from the the shot that we have and I wanted to start off, because that was the first response, so the next slide is now from NED peppers, and this is now Key West. So the shooter is up. The street he’s crossed 55th Street he’s been shooting down right now or down 5th Street the offers are reacting. You saw a lobster roll Fest you’re, going to see him again he’s going to come up stream. We have some of this just because there’s some sensitive and you’ll see on the right hand, side the path of off the Rope is approximate, so he’s engaging right now that was a shoot of it. Just went by so after I came up and then is nowthis responded back again Peter coming by so he was engaged there. So we’re going to go to the next slide, which is still going to be from this, is from NED Peppers. This will be the end of this. The first light of Optima showed you was the officers are Fanning out so they’re all up here. So next door is hole-in-the-wall. This is Ned Peppers, front door. You just saw down here officer office and engaging the shooter at the. I am a sidewalk to run right here and it’s going to end right here. Then you play for me. So if you look the phone me on the right, you can see the shooters right in front of me at the peppers. The blue dots show you where the police are located on the thumbnail over here, be by our vest. We had our at our fingertips. We believe the shooting started at approximately 105 in 35 seconds. We believe it ended 106 and 7 Seconds at 32 seconds, depending on which city are looking at. Our first engagement was about halfway through that all of this data has been turned over for more technical analysis with the FBI, and we were just coming in on certain parts. They will be going through audio and sinking social media which would collect that also. But in a nutshell, from the time he arrived in the OR District 2, whenever I showed you of him exiting the vehicle that would give birth on video the time on the yes, well, the police, vehicle and likely police officers. At the same time, he has a great question, I think, there’s a good weather Peppers that case it is a strong probability, but let me also say that he was. He was a very familiar with the Oregon district, so this is not a place that he did not know. There’S no indication that he had he had contact was in there, but there’s no indication that any of those groups of significance that would generate some kind of response, like that. This was a plan well before he gets to the Oregon district really important. You know where their co-conspirators, where there’s some other folks, aiding and abetting we’re, not saying that this is the finality of that conversation, but clearly that day, during a time frame, we don’t see anyone but sting him and committed this horrendous crime. So that’s important information. It also that plus some follow-up investigation seems to strongly suggest that His companion had no, I what he was going to do. Nor did he have any knowledge of the weapons are in the trunk of the vehicle cuz. They were communicating during this hour back and forth. One free phone call, we don’t know the content of that. That was his sister and he so don’t know what that content is, but also text messages. Also, there was no invitation to me. There was a communication that, from his companions record going to the taco stand in that was about how about 7 minutes or so before the shooting occur. It’S an interesting question and I will tell you that a lot of us have been involved in this dialogue. We all have been reviewing its evidence, including the homicide detective deeply immersed in this. We have radically different views in that regard. Were summer saying absolutely not was not intentional the question whether the sister wasn’t intentional victim and I the evidence has been debated in both directions with individual in organization in 20, familiar with the evidence, arguing both directions and if we, if we can’t seem to make that Call conclusively that were divided about how was that was intentional or not. I think it’s inconclusive. We may get a better its site through historical data. Looking back but based on the evidence from that night, I don’t think we can make the call pretty white birds actually Yas results. Current was on-screen, the shooter would have been off screen at initially come down. Sidewalk great question to I would say that the body armor because of the way it was Warren was, was vulnerable and unfortunately, we able to take a definition of vulnerability place. But that’s all ballistic plates examination he’s not complete when he’s ready to discuss the piano. That particular cause of his injuries. Then you can have that information. We knows. Well. We certainly did three individuals. We were shot immediately right around blind Bob’s, so they were the initial victims. What is a little bit Anansi, the south side of the street in front of Tumbleweed, and everyone else is clustered on the other side of street. So it’s not really clear for me at this point, although she was mobile, so she was shot and ran by the way. So there’s Dopey snap together if that person to put this, but the content was me as a level of detail, we’re not going to go to provide side. Hustle motivation is going to try to create a distinction here between motivation and mindset to make be specific location. This particular night, these individuals who were victims – that’s not the level of clarity we all have now now and whether we will ever have that is going to be no question. I think we have a lot of information about mindset, historical data about mindset and its progression, but I want to remind you that is the principal Focus right now of the investigation by the Federal Bureau Investigation, so they’re running with that we need them to run with That they do best leave their rollover, allow them to do that amplify history of obsession with violence and violent ideations. The discussion of interest in Mash things an expression of desire to carry out a mass shooting. I think that should be enough. Thematically get a pretty clear picture of what was going on here. You can’t say now with the nature of that looks, and I don’t have that level of detail, but I will tell you that this this was the next big chunk of investigation that we felt comfortable of releasing activity perfectly of the principal individual. Who is responsible for these mass shootings in these murders? That night? I don’t know yet, if that’s part of the toxicology report that typically takes 6 weeks out of the corner of Alaska weight last weeks in two weeks, so that’s an important for lease weeks. There was some evidence of drug paraphernalia us earlier one day, one week, one month hard to say Mike. I can tell you he was in the Oregon district on Friday night. So what was his mindset? Then? I don’t know he was not unfamiliar with this area and the fact he was there the night before and certainly have to consider there was some thought been given to it at that time. Have you had anybody David or maybe with someone what is at the car with the branch in the way and invite your talked about behind newcomes? There were people in the alley in the in the parking lot behind newcomb’s blind Bob’s, there were some people back. Are there was nobody that went back to the area where from either side, yet we have video from the Newcomb size and we have the video from blind box from heart Mercantile? Actually, so nobody ain’t. So we keep here charge to go to Chamberlain broken the actions to the one of the rounds goes up into the Chamber of the gun, so I can fire. I talked to Todd wickerham Sunday, night cuz. This was on my mind, a bit and had been formed and a garden at the phone. I don’t know, there’s a lot more detail, high-level detail, it was in there, but I don’t have a sense. There’S anything, that’s revealing revealing at this time. They have to have an opportunity go through that enters there’s other evidence to they have to go through. So I’m nothing that I’m aware of at this time. Initial examination of are you aware of any diagnosis? I’M not aware of any diagnosis. I am aware that he had undergone some, and I can’t comment further on that, but I am aware of that. Assembled in that case of time was correct right. I don’t think he could have put that weapon and it’s fully built out state in that backpack and I have a sticking out. So it’s to some degree. I think it was disassembled. I think that’s a pretty fair conclusion to draw and, of course you get that drum magazine to so yeah noticing the fact that the backpack was appeared to be weighed down. So it’s safe to say it was probably in the backpack and the roof check. What’S our weapons Texans and SWAT guys, they all kind of most likely be broken down to some extent. Steven invisibility quite honestly from that alley, because you have the blunt the patio blind Bob’s, you have all those umbrellas. You know kind of hanging down her and the the companion are on the opposite side of the tacos, and so there is a real question could even see who that was on the other side, which is why I’m saying this, the evidence seems to be questionable. Although it’s very cool 7 minutes before we start shooting, he knew they were there. So but I guess I was conversation and progress, but I think the probably that of greatest significance that he was aware, as I said, before. the existence of the weapons in a trunk or what the assailant intended to do at night. That was probably interview. I’M not aware of the other response that level of detail will tell you today: it’s not 14 gunshot victims at 17, so just trying to get other identity of demographics Ford’s we need to get medical records. I mean if that is, a lot goes into trying to to establish what happened and how they were injured, etcetera, Stone. This community is remarkable, just remarkable., I’m amazed at the response just amazed it so gracious, so grateful so caring. So this is a beautiful community yeah. Their response was crucial, their response was immediate, other response was effective, their response was compassionate that there was anything unlawful in the purchase or acquisition of those that I know of it at this time, 3 and said he was not and could be, could be part of That is going back to store clean, trying to determine that occasional drug user was a daily drug. There’S a lot of Gap to fill in it’s going to make that call. Well, I don’t even know so focus of this yeah. There’S paraphernalia, there’s no question about. As part of the evidence is being analyzed to Pino thank you., but I think I think that the victims in the hospital appreciated the president United States coming. I think that the First Responders appreciated it. I think it was difficult on the community because he has such a everyone has very strong feelings about to put this in both positive and negative, and so when we’re talking about bringing the community together, not helpful, there disassociation run a process of putting together a committee To discuss this to make sure that we have a permanent site, we want to make sure that we have a victim Advocates there, the business associate when are the city there and then makes that decision on the site, so we feel pretty comfortable becoming, but we’re not Moving like super fast same time. Well, that was always the agreement that, until the funerals were complete flowers excetera, it was was looking a little rough and I don’t think that’s number victims so that the cleaning of the timely time we part we know the people are still mourning and grieving. So there’s still space there make sure that we honor these victims and their life in an appropriate way. Honest person ceiling guys
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