Dayton police take questions on mass shooting

Dayton police take questions on mass shooting
Dayton police take questions on mass shooting
That was a commitment we made a really well over a decade ago and even added to that inventory a since my tenure is Chief, I’m in my 12th here now so recognizing the potential threats that we could face: protectli people wearing ballistic armor. We know we have to have the kind of equipment and weaponry to be able to thwart that that was pretty crucial in this case and I’m sorry, you had probably at a question prior to the shooting. Yes, yes, they have. The information we have is, they all came the same vehicle, but they separated at some point, no information that regard yes, why do you get imagine? This is a nightmare for them and I think they are struggling. As you can understand, we’ve had a chance to have contact with him. We have no information, suggest that none at this time. He knew that this gone in the ballistic vest and all the stuff was in the car. We had an opportunity to talk to the individual who wrote in a vehicle with him so well at his part of our investigation. That’S ongoing! Yes, we do have information, but we’re not going to release it at this time. I can’t confirm an iMac up cuz. It’S going to speak the potential motor right, that’s what people are trying to get to hear. There is far too much information we have to review before. We can even begin a conversation about possible motive and one talk about any potential slice of evidence is value or not at this time is just way too early. I’M in I’ll just reconfirm, we have a cachaca wasn’t plays with his sister and her friend. Well, it let me just say that those weapons eventually wound up at that location. They separated at some point later on that evening. So what he did during that time and that they were no longer together is a In our investigation and something we’re going to have to determine. I don’t have a number for you right now. We were trying to confirm that we basically do ballistics check. So we look for shell casings at the scene and then we have to match that against magazine capacity it in rounds missing and that’s not precise comparison. So I don’t have a precise number for you at this time. We don’t have any reason to believe that any of The Purge seize our shot by other than the assailant at this time. They did at some point in time. I don’t think we have a precise time for that. Clearly, it was some point in the evening that they did part ways. I don’t have that at at your office or was he killed? I don’t think we have that none with absolute certainty. There was a vehicle shot early on in that exchange right before right, as our officers were either engage are about to engage. So I can’t really speak to that precisely. That’S really something we can’t tell at this point. It’S it’s a question. It’S a nagging question and I just don’t have the answer: we’re trying to sort through that ourselves., not that we’re aware of so we really don’t know if there that was somehow of importance. We don’t have, I think anything precise on the other 27 Dewey one critical. Once critical, well, you just interesting because we already have a concentration present or just cuz. It’S a yes entertainment venue. We realize a lot of people come to Oregon district. I’Ve been there very recently. So certainly we know our folks will be there and we have police officers present because of that so will this cause has to evaluate. We will evaluate everything that touches on this incident, just to determine whether we didn’t you do anything differently, but there was certainly plenty of officers present that acted virtually instantaneously and effectively ended this and 30 seconds. It was crucial had this individual made it through the doorway of Ned peppers. With that level of Weaponry, they were going to catastrophic injury and loss of life, so stopping him before he could get inside there, where you saw it Leroy running in there for protection was essential and minimizing disagree. We could casualties and deaths from this incident. I’M not aware of that being the case. They were obtained legally. Yes, no, he was at he’s one of the ones that was injured. Transport of the hospital. That is correct, yeah ballistic vest. Well, it’s a was one in the same they all came together. I do want to pause for me to go somewhere, like the FBI has a site that we want to get out publicly thought of you come join us and introduce yourself on the FBI special agent-in-charge for this part of the state and Dayton being right. So one more Dayton shooting after Dayton shooting and what weakened people can submit their if they have videos, if they have other social media associated with castigation. This is where they can go to upload this, to get it in the right hands as we’re working at jointly with Dayton. On this investigation, I just want to say, on behalf of the United States, that the Department of Justice, as you can see, I’m working closely given our full support to Dayton and its investigation. The United States stands with our condolences to the victims and the families of the deceased, and obviously the United States is going to provide all resources that it has at its disposal from any agencies. In order to further this investigation to its completion. Working with the Dayton Police, thanks chief, a lot of you here, and so we got to figure out what that looks like. So maybe it’s out there in the public domain, you can access. I don’t know what the f*** talk that through that’s a technological piece. I don’t I don’t have Mastery over right now. So what the comeback to that right, inspired shots. We have six. So a sergeant and five officers fired at least one round. He was wounded, but not too serious that we were not able. To least I have some initial conversation with her two of them engage that I can tell you. Certainly there’s. There is training I mean even looking at someone’s gate, how they walk and be suggestive of carrying a firearm. Certain mannerisms can be suggesting them carrying a firearm. This firearm wasn’t hidden, so this wasn’t hard that they probably figure out once it emerged, but for weapons are more concealable, that’s little bit more of a challenge, but there are some ways for people to four police officers were declined to say to have some indication that Person may be armed and be able to take action. Well, it wasn’t sold in that in that final condition, that has some level. So there have been some modifications and I can’t speak. It isn’t specific, but it wasn’t sold in that particular state. Ar-15, like alike, would be a properly probably the right way to say that we didn’t. We have digital level. We have found evidence, so I want to get into greater detail there, but clearly we’re looking for any kind of evidence. We can, this day and age a lot of evidence of digital, yes, not at all, not at all do we know who the vehicle to his father, not this particular type, the multiple casualty shootings, but they weren’t what we would describe as an active shooter. Certainly, my tenure, that’s, what’s not known, it’s just not known, so we can’t say that with Precision with his weapons, all the time or after they separated that’s when the person wouldn’t got equipment in geared up, we just don’t know at this time we’re hoping to determine That, collectively, collectively cracked, not that I’m aware of I know I know I know it’s a question. I’Ve been what kind of speculate here we carry sufficient that we do have the availability of additional round should we need them and we deploy those in a way.. We think makes sense, I’m not going to say what that is. We need to resolve every piece of surly evidence evaluated he’s at the evidence that we have now and will receive until the point we believe her. We have no more evidence to review 9 Clues interviewing over. We need to interview that may be able to shed light on this individuals conduct in recent days, as well as any historical information. We think would be important to know that could explain conduct ultimately so until we have what we think is the known universe of of evidence we’re going to keep pursuing this investigation. I just don’t know when that’s going to be told you everything I really can see her. Can you play ask a lot of questions again. I’Ve already answered that’s going to conclude this interview. I appreciate your attention this matter. I ask you to lift up the victims in this event and give them the honor and dignity they deserve their lives in for the tragic ultimate avoidable deaths coming days ahead, I appreciate your patience. I appreciate you working really diligently to confirm any information that you have had today. I ask you to continue to do that. If we’re not giving you the information, there’s a reason. Why? Because the investigation is, I want you, I’m asking you since we’ve been so forthright in this conversation, to respect that back to us as well, and make sure that before you put anything up that you have, it confirmed. Okay, thank you for being great today, conferences this evening. It plant okay, 8 p.m. on the vegetable. Tomorrow we don’t have any food. We don’t have our time scheduled for tomorrow, but you all will be. The first will no more press conferences tonight, goodnight in Oregon district. Okay, no more press conferences tonight, I’m sure we’ll have Prescott
There were four women and five men among the victims. Six of the nine people killed were African-American.

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