DEA: El Paso is a major hub for opioids, meth entering the US from Mexico

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DEA: El Paso is a major hub for opioids, meth entering the US from Mexico
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DEA: El Paso is a major hub for opioids, meth entering the US from Mexico
The DEA claims the Border city is a major hub for opiates and meth the smuggling into the United States. Just days ago, the border patrol releasing a report showing illegal immigrant arrests in January 1580, 8 % from January of last year. According to a new Judicial Watch report, radical islamist terrorist are being smuggled into a rural town near El Paso, with the help of the cartels Judicial Watch also exposing corruption, Paso’s law enforcement agencies, the Sheriff’s office. There has recently been embroiled in Scandal and these scandals, not stopping the current sheriff and the current mayor from blasting. The president for linking El Paso is dropping crime to the border wall, but clearly clearly, that’s working last year and ca10 Juarez, the Mexican city, just across the border from El Paso, almost 1250 murders more than 54 times the 23 murders that were reported in El Paso. Although the DEA and other agencies say that those numbers are by the El Paso authorities are seriously doctor, it is a major Hub. They say for Mexican can methamphetamines on route to the rest of the United States joining us tonight, Tom fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, who has released the documentary entitled the sun said he sell exposing El Paso of a sophisticated narco-terrorism ring good to have you with Us this is the reports that the documentary this is chilling stuff, particularly to think the United States is there tonight he’s on the lines of where the Border Wars are in terms of the Narco Terror attacks on our sovereignty in our national security. It’S there in El Paso we have information, we’ve been investigating. This flu is 4 years, Lou that they’re bringing spell what they cost. What artwalk wirthman call special interest aliens smuggling them if, through the El Paso sector into the United States and their special interests aliens, not because they have interesting hobbies or personality SLU? It’S because they’re traveling other activity suggests airlink. Another National Security issues, significant crisis in El Paso, is right in the center of it, so it’s appropriate the president’s there highlighting the need for border Security. El Paso has his Board of area between the two cities: Juarez and El Paso, but outside of El Paso, left and right into New Mexico and then down south, virtually no border security at all, and it’s a freeway for the cart and any trafficking they want to. Do drugs, people or Terror a Triad of City’s, Las Cruces, New Mexico, El Paso and Juarez has always been modern history, a trafficking Corridor whether to and smuggling drugs smuggling or sex trafficking. It goes through that region and it’s stunning that corruption in the minds of mini lawn mower doesn’t occur on both sides of the Border. It’S just a Mexican problem. We know better., We we do. You know when we’re doing is reporting. Initially, we were getting a lot of key information from various sources and who, but Ourisman Beto O’Rourke, started making phone calls to the feds to try to suppress Judicial Watch his reporting this. This is what we’re dealing with the we’re getting the truth out and you had elected members of Congress, like they’d O’Rourke represented the pasteleria, trying to suppress the truth by intimidating the feds from telling the truth about the Border crisis. Unbelievable and the president. In your judgement in the United States, where this President would have to be better protected because of the threats surround of the city in which he is visiting, the cartels control that area, I think, but on both sides of the Border actively. What’S currently on the Mexican side of the border that that’s got to be part of the discussion here, you know we got our Sovereign border on one side, it’s the United States. On the other side, it isn’t the Mexican Government controlling its the cartels. They control the Border along United States. A wall is the least that is required to protect our security. Thank you very much for being here and exposing the truth of what is. Are the El Paso War Reza area will throw in Las Cruces as well? The New Mexico Texas join it’s stunning to think that the it is in the situation that it is. I mean we’re talking over 33,000 murders. Those are just the ones that are reported. They’Re very seldom saw that that all in Mexico – and they are all all to the to the bling straightforwardly on the drug cartels and their incessant and intensifying wars with one another. People don’t understand that it is not only for the American citizen, although that is reason enough in my judgment, in the wall, but the Mexican people themselves will benefit as well. Thank you, sir appreciate
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says El Paso is a major smuggling route for Mexican opioids, illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists.

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