Deadly California fire burns over 90,000 acres

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Deadly California fire burns over 90,000 acres
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we want to get straight to the latest on those devastating wildfires out west seems like this just unbelievable showing the devastation in Northern California walls of flames surrounding those rows and now the death toll is rising at least eight people killed by those fires the law list of them those fires the car fire scorching or the 95 thousand acres destroying nearly 900 structures it’s okay with his there on the scene of the car fire in Redding California good morning Cana fast and burn very hot I mean look at this it is reducing these homes to just ask and as I walk this way I mean it destroyed entire communities I want to show you the front door left of this home and as I walk this way I want to take you to a wider shots grass what we’re talking about here this is three separate homes but I’m telling you there is destruction like this for a hundred and forty nine square miles the monster car fire obliterating and neighbor more than 90 Thousand Acres burning so far frosting fire Crews residence growing desperate they just put out this fire down here with their garden hoses never before many first-responders losing their own home Charlotte Campbell racing to get her kids and pets out but her husband is on the fire line there so much smoke with Ash and leaves I just looked like it was right there their home a total loss nearly everything they have is in the back of a few powerful is a lot more than other people were able to grab station more than 600 homes destroyed the Flames sneaking up so quickly many unable to get out I’m right by honey this still hold on and they’re two great-grandchildren perished as firefighters around-the-clock the California Air National Guard post Sky inside a C-130 as it drops fire retardant and overnight or just learning about the death of a firefighter battling the nearby Ferguson Fire 33 Old Captain Brian Hughes tire is incredibly tragic as you look around I mean just imagine what is going to take for the people of Redding to rebuild I spoke with homeowners who said they could really only make out their homes by the Landscaping some of those big trees that survive this tear fire firefighters I spoke with say this was unprecedented they called it a worst case scenario and we know that six people have died but the Sheriff’s Office says they also have reports of seven missing people but overnight a little bit of good news here Cecilia firefighter saying they do have this fire 17% contained right now and we are thankful for that Cana thank you the Wildfire emergency is causing so much Devastation across the state as we just saw there with Cana Rob Marciano just back from the front lines and there is no relief in sight they get so hot they can make their own Wendy’s erratic went and get strong sometimes even away from the flies look at their trees knocked down from 50 to 60 mile an hour winds here where where homes weren’t even born so we could have fit it’s like this again today the smoke temperatures in Hawaii down those wins but they think they smoke me clear to allow for a little bit more heated we’ve got the Red Flag Warning for reading this morning and now it’s building into the Pacific Northwest party with the Seattle but Inland areas in Reading Bakersfield Las Vegas I’ll continue to be hot maybe buy a couple degrees if that’s about it throughout the week ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more videoshow highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts thanks for watching
Nearly 40,000 people are under an evacuation order due to the Carr fire in Redding, California, that has destroyed more than 500 homes.


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