Deadly rampage in Los Angeles, election security bill blocked, DOJ reinstates death penalty

Deadly rampage in Los Angeles, election security bill blocked, DOJ reinstates death penalty
Deadly rampage in Los Angeles, election security bill blocked, DOJ reinstates death penalty
Good morning the man had a gas station before being arrested. The suspect also allegedly tried to rob a customer at a bank and killed a stranger on a city bus. There is no known motive bipartisan report that found Russian likely targeted all 50 states in 2016 report described 21 states in which officials noted suspicious incident. It comes one day after Robert Mueller about Russian election meddling in 2020, McConnell blocked two bills aimed at boosting election security. He called it a highly partisan. It still has a federal death row. Inmates 2003, the justice department, says the executions will begin in December, the five Menaul convicted of killing children, skull of a Triceratops estimated to be 65 million years older and says the fine is extra special because he’s been obsessed with Dinosaurs. But since he was a kid he says he knew what it was immediately. They named the Triceratops. What’S after the owner of the land, where it was found, the skull is now in a lab or keeping it this location secret to prevent it from being stolen and four number five or number one quality for partner is a top-quality they want in a partner. Nearly 90 % during the number one next-door supportiveness intelligence and confidence, good, looks or moderately important choices for a co-worker kindness be at the top. But that’s not what I got good morning. Everyone product placement here a little baby drummettes that are his favorite, because it is my birthday we had. We have like six. I couldn’t find some yellow mustard only had the fancy time around. Here I got the the mustard, no hot dogs. You mean that waiting room beautiful on Fatso. I just really want to thank you for being born and shout out to my modem for making this possible birthday. Next year. Senate Majority Leader Mitch, McConnell has blocked two bills aimed at boosting election security. That’S despite Dyer new warnings from Robert Mueller, the current FBI director and the Senate intelligence committee. Happy birthday. Kenneth, you know one of the main takeaways, so that was definitive from the Mueller investigation. Is that Russia extensively interfered in the 2016 election and have some members of Congress are saying they need to act right now to keep it from happening again, but so far this legislation isn’t getting any. Today’S Senate Democrats say their needs to be swift action for Congress to protect the security of America’s elections. Molly testimony should be a wake-up call to every American that the Integrity of our elections is at stake coming a day after special counsel Mueller testimony where he confirmed his investigation found Russia interfered in the 2016 election in a sweeping and systemic fashion. I’M going to the next campaign of the interference they, Russia gain unauthorized access to the personal data of hundreds of thousands of Voters and that officials into 1 States noted suspicious incidents with the scanning of their system. Democratic senators, responding seeking passage of multiple build, an election security only to be stopped by Republican leader Mitch, McConnell. It’S just the highly partisan bill from the same phone about two years typing up a conspiracy theory about President Trump and Russia gramp with Congress locked in yet another stalemate. President Trump is focused on the Mueller investigation. Fox News, it was an attack on his presidency was treason. This was high crimes in terms of election security. Republican leather Chuck Grassley said that there were also efforts to interfere in the 2018 election that the US was aware of it. While he could reveal the details of what he’d been told, he did say there was success in those efforts today. Thank you so much some serious stuff there are Trevor. I do have a birthday wish, though a boy I heard Janay this talk about being the most beautiful and I could fill that role of that. If you need someone to listen worse than Janae Norman, I’m a guy sweet to me that one time in everybody Forster. So thank you for playing along my pleasure. Happy birthday. Yesterday morning, during a battalion formation, Marine Corps says they were arrested, for quote alleged involvement and various illegal activities from Human smuggling to drug-related offenses ABC’s. Martha raddatz could also be in trouble. It is possible that the Marines could face jail time depending on the severity and scope of what is found, but having 16 Marines arrested at once will likely lead to even more investigation and even more of a spotlight on human smuggling. Another eight Marines are also being questioned about their alleged involvement in drug offenses in his New York City, jail cell, I’ve seen is now on suicide watch treated as a possible assault or suicide attempt. Investigators have not ruled out that possibility that Epstein paid someone to beat him up. He doesn’t remember what happened. This all comes just a week after Epstein who is awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges was denied President Trump Sweden. After assault charges were filed against ASAP Rocky over a finest Stockholm capture on video and obtained by TMZ, the rapper was arrested more than three weeks ago, and a Swedish prosecutor says he will remain custody until trial is set to begin Tuesday. The president tweeted Sweden, has let our African American Community down in the United States, I watch the tapes of ASAP Rocky and he was being followed and harassed by troublemakers. Treat Americans fear. The prime Sweden replied in a statement saying and Sweden. Everyone is equal before the law and government is not allowed and will not attempt to influence. The legal proceedings which are now on going month is now planning to sue Francisco. Galicia was born in Dallas. He was taken into custody, even though he was carrying his Texas license social security card and a copy of his birth certificate. Galichia said he wasn’t allowed shower for 23 Days, Inn lost at least 20 lb ice and border patrol galichia gave them conflicting reports about a citizenship which he denies and leaves you scratching your head. If he had his license Social Security card copy of his birth certificate, lb of fresh and frozen beef and pork have been recalled because they may be contaminated with human blood. The agriculture Department says an employee at a processing facility in Birmingham Alabama may have cut him. Adduction that meat was shipped to restaurants in Alabama Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. So far, no illnesses have been reported and we’re getting our first look at please. Northern Ohio smashing window to get them free off Thursday to girl’s parents accidentally lock their car keys inside their Turn 4 year old daughter Saturday afternoon. Thankfully, both of those little girls are okay. I was just going to save them on. They got some pictures and images and was very heartwarming and so thankful, they’re, okay, this morning tell for you. When we come back, welcome back please in Los Angeles, say they don’t know the motive for a deadly Rampage. People were dead, ABC’s, Marci, Gonzalez reports from LA and Southern California, sitting off a tense 13 hour long Manhunt. The first called the police coming in at 1:50 Thursday morning from this apartment building near Los Angeles, where police, a 26 year-old Jerry, Zaragoza, killed his father and brother shot his mother, don’t approach him, as he’s shown himself be very dangerous. Less than an hour later, the LAPD and then just before 8 a.m. robber customer at gunpoint at a bank ATM. Finally, a quarter till 1 in the afternoon. Another shooting this time on a city bus where one person was killed; police tasing him and taking him into custody. Marci Gonzalez ABC News, Los Angeles, thanks to Marcy statement to Parliament pledging to deliver brexit by the Halloween deadline and make you pay the greatest country on Earth. Let’S go across the pond and Bruno Rover in the London Bureau for more Haver no good morning. We have seen and heard nothing yet yes well. This is this is a new, a new stage that stay in this ongoing nightmare that is brexit for this country. The prime minister’s question time, for the first time yesterday, I was with seeing now he’s country on Earth. How many are coming Trump, whom has being compared with what you can see, options, fancy Trump where’s, the song that saying Johnson, so you get positive thumbs up? We won’t hear anything about Braxton until Halloween been right. Nothing at all, obatzda solution does metal. So how did they pull that off? Well, they did it, though my sensitive, like a Hollywood movie, that we ate the man dressed up as cops at cops uniforms. It is extraordinary. The cows were found, 12 miles away, abandoned and thus far, there is no sound dealing with a heatwave here lookout for that, maybe maybe a live cam of feed from Loch Ness and soul. Two pumps with e x rights lead to Loch Ness monster video back to Loch Ness a few years ago, full GMA to investigate sightings of the Loch Ness monster, and we went out with this guy who said he’d seen it in his boat in Loch Ness. A very very happy birthday, then I will do all, but you look really young. Can you believe that to a Comedy Central roast Colombia, most expensive, crab cake in the world has created a $ 310 crab cake made with black truffles and crusted with Platinum? The chef is giving parts of the proceeds to local teachers going to a good cause, but Columbia. The real one was there and now no. At all on stage with President Trump Tuesday. This one included a two-headed eagle, clutching golf clubs in a pile of cash and eagle with two has is a symbol of the Russian Federation, and the banner also said quote: 45 is a puppet in Spanish. He made it last year, but never expected it to make. The mistake was made by organisers, not the lighthouse, a member of the video team apparently grab the image from Google photos. That person has been fired, a story that you can add to the that’s nasty file. Indiana woman is facing charges because she wore these dentures that wouldn’t have been a problem except police say she stole them from someone else. The the morning they were reported stolen, the suspect apparently wore them meeting with her probation officer who told officials they clearly were not hers, the wonder how they do that and who’s winning ticket like how to take a bike ride. He mapped out a 15-mile route to Houston that they looked at the app tracking the progress. Look at that it’s spelled out marry me. She said. Yes, he put in a lot of work for that. Oh yeah brand new plan available to anyone who has nutrition meal planner is a plant-based diet with no alcohol, carbs or sugar. Anime shows like avocado, wraps and sweet potatoes or apple oatmeal with coconut bacon. Maybe we don’t really care what kind of bacon and fava bean soup and soba noodle and edamame salad? Would you do it? Did you do it three days mask I’m halfway through a bag of chips or hours max of the day? Where is Diane’s birthday initiative, Robin Roberts, rare interview with dr. Priscilla Chan and the initiative to help children with rare diseases, she’s working on with her husband, Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg? They to watch out for today relatively quiet day with no public events, but he’ll meet with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Kevin mcaleenan in the afternoon, operation, Fry’s, job skills, training and support for people with criminal records. Vice president Pence will also speak to employees at Miller, Electric about explaining Workforce Development opportunities. Kirsten gillibrand and mayor Pete. Buttigieg are expected to speak at the National Urban League in O conference in Indianapolis Center Bernie Sanders is holding a rally tonight at Santa Monica High School. In California Iowa at various events to the debrief for an update on all our top story, then the briefing room for breakdown of the latest headline and politics will not do a rare one-on-one interview with dr. Priscilla Chan. This is all around the world with the Chan. Zuckerberg initiative co-founded by her husband, Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, up-and-coming Game Changer in the fields of medicine and science, science, technology engineering, the harvard-educated UCSF School of Medicine. Grad is a pediatrician who also runs the Chan, Zuckerberg initiative. What she and her husband, Facebook, CEO Mark, Zuckerberg, launched in 2015 following the birth of their first daughter, Max we’re going to have a front row seat to the biggest medical breakthrough in a generation focus on driving progress in the fight against rare diseases. Grants will be awarded to 10 organization with 4 and 1/2 million dollars in initial funding. Every scientist ever who participates in the scientific process better. Do the work that you’re doing right now open up a patient’s chart like read something about it and I at first I was embarrassed. I would walk into a room and say I don’t know anything about your disease. Can you tell me, how do you take care of yourself and these patients and teach me train me and what it was like, what the disease and how to best take care of themselves and what work for them, and where is one is about bringing in that Patient voice because they have the insights, can still remember exact patient rooms where the research didn’t materialize in time or we didn’t find the right treatment and exact family’s, and I think those experiences. What makes me realize that we have to do more daughter, chinese vietnamese refugees, who was the first in her family, to go to college, so she always knew her. Life would involve service to others. A lot of people open doors for me and if I didn’t work hard and try to continue getting trained to actually open doors for others, but I wasn’t doing my part she and Zuckerberg blessings to daughters Max and August. How do you instill in your children who are growing up in an environment that was that was different? We talked about it. How lucky we are to have each other to be happy and healthy in there also kids, they don’t. You know my three-year-old one day. She tells me Mom and know about Honey, Nut Cheerios. I just like I’ve heard about them, and I want a box for my birthday abuser data to have discussions about that. You know people concerned about privacy and other issues. Is there something that you and your husband that you think you can do to help alleviate those concerns? Vernon should be for everyone, especially in medicine. What we’ve really grappled with is what have we learned from March experiences? I running Facebook to make sure that we are being incredibly active about this there’s so many times where I feel like could be me. I don’t have a rare disease that I know of, but I’ve gotten really lucky and I’ve had a lot of people Champion. For me, and don’t take that for granted so great to see that the Zuckerberg Chan, that that family is doing so much to give back – and I saw it earlier that they put a huge share of Facebook – shares Facebook shares this initiative incredible across the globe and It looks like they’re really putting some money behind that effort yet great weekend. I know I am being happy birthday weekend in the Northeast. Try to enjoy it, see you Monday,
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